Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 2 -- The Sequel

One good week of picks deserves another, bring it on!!


Here comes the latest

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Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 2: The Sequel

IMPRESSIVE week on my part last week, going 2-0-1 in picks for the NFL in Week One. I can't believe it? I have a winning record? Let's make it TWO, as we get...

--to the picks!

First, out to Cleveland, Ohio where the Browns host the Chiefs in a showdown for nobody. All right, I know that the Brownies were my "1" that I pushed on last week, but let me tell you, the Browns are here to play.

The Chiefs did a remarkable feat last week. Kan-sas City won a game with no offense and spe-cial teams. How do you even do that?? It boggles the mind but the smoked meat goes South this week as the Dog Pound laps up the table scraps from the ol' Monday Night affair. Look to the Browns to cover AFC North of -1.5 (that's it?!) at the mistake by the lake. What can BROWNS... do for you?

Shipping out from the great midwest to the Potomac and into to FedEx field, a place where UPS company is NOT welcome, but nonetheless, a package of Titans vs Redskins awaits us. Witness, gentlemen, the young, feisty Texans stampede onto the grass and take on the Tribe. And if you saw their "act" a week ago you can tell the Tribe ain't got bite in their offense. Bows and Arrows won't be enough to take down the Red White and Houston Blue, so I am taking the TEXANS and giving the Points (-3) with their ever improving run game and pass rush.

Onward, up the river and back around the bend, South Bend that is, and upwards to Indy, where the Defending AFC Champion Colts host their first home game. OOH, can you imagine the excitement when the fans get to hoist their... what?! The Colts *lost* the Super Bowl?? --and LOST Week 1 to Houston? ...and LOST their safety Bob Sanders?!?! Indy's defense so far is a season of losses, but as they do in the brickyards, look for the Colts to ZOOM to a resounding victory over Big Blue, the G-Men, and take their home opener just above the (-5.5) point spread. These Colts always take it *right* to the finish line!

It's a wrap! And another day of excitement on

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Enjoy this less than thrilling Week 2, folks. Hope to do more of the same next week.

To review: Browns -1.5, Texans -3.0, Colts -5.5

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