Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 4 -- Dave's ?'s of the Week

Hey hey!! Who wants to play...

Dave's (bang!)
LOCKS (clanggg!)
of the Week (plop)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week Numero Quatro.. (that's Week 4 for those of you who don't speak Spanish)

Success! Last week, the LOTW went 3-0, to bring LOCKS of the Week to a remarkable 6-1-2 to start the year. NOW, it starts to get *very* dicey, and I don't anticipate great results, but here we go: To the Picks......!

We start in Buffalo where the Bills have really been picked apart, wing by wing, from start to finish. Would you believe the Bills covered the spread last week? An unusual finish at Foxboro as Buffalo nearly sauced the Pats in Massachussetts.

This week: expect a much different story as the Jets fly into Ralph Wilson Stadium coming off their best offensive effort of the year so far, an effort against a presumably good Dolphins Defense, but also one where the Jets defense played its worst game yet. Not surprising, given they were without Star CB Darrelle Revis. You might think the Bills will rise up and keep pace with the Jets. BUT THIS IS THE BILLS and Proud Buffalo Bill ought to be left in the dust as the Jets fire afterburners, and fry the Buffalo Bills straight into Hidden Valley (Ranch, that is). I'm taking J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! and giving the -5.

Our flight continues at high altitude then lands at the home of Three Rivers, the Steel City, Pittsburgh, PA. At stake: Pride, Power, and a stint atop the AFC North (possibly). The Steelers (3-0) against the Ravens (2-1). Baltimore is the team everyone expects to take the AFC North this year, BUT NOT SO FAST! It's the Black and GOLD who've been just golden on defense, whether it be Harrison, Polamalu, and the like. Nonetheless, look for the Ravens to float onto Heinz field and pour the ketchup on the new Steel Curtain. Take the Ravens AND the +1.5 points, in another tough fought, defensive, physical game.

Finally, down the river and into the everglades we go as we see the Indianapolis Colts visit the Jacksonville Jaguars, and boy are they bad. Traditionally, the Colts have run and passed all over Jacksonville, and this week will be no different. Jaguars are capable creatures but against THESE Stallions? No chance! Manning will pass it up big time and I will give the -7.5 to the Colts.

And that is your line or three on

Dave's (zzzzzzz!)
LOCKS (ping!)
of the Week (clink!)

To review: NYJ -5; Bal +1.5; Ind -7.5

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