Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sorry, Boise... Not Impressed.

Saw the Boise State/Va Tech game last night. I thought it was a great game. Unfortunately, because it was so great, and so close, I have to dock Boise State some points. You watch: If Virginia Tech gets its head kicked in this season, and I mean by anybody, that is going to be a BIG hit on Boise State. Boise barely beat this team. Now I know that it was very impressive the way Boise State came back after giving up the lead, and I know they were initially up 17-0, but that they let the team back into the game in *this* manner doesn't speak well for the Broncos.

I'll explain... There've been other teams in history that have gone out on the road and dominated in games just like this. USC, in basically the same situation took care of Virginia Tech handily, 24-13. Same location as last night too. To win by only 3 points?! And on a desperation drive?? And with Virginia Tech basically STILL having a chance to win at the end?

Color me unconvinced.

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