Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: Week 3, It Just Seems Too Easy.

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Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week Number 3

It seems too easy doesn't it sports fans? I had a good week in LOCKS last week, despite the 1-1-1 record. Pushes are frustrating... you could take them as either a win or a loss. In this case, it felt like a win with Houston down double digits at DC. I'll take it!

Now then, to the picks!

Last week felt hard, but this week, WHOOF, so so easy! SO easy! Let's eeeease into Reliant Stadium. Ah yes, easy, reliable... but can you rely on the Cowboys lately? They've been shut down by two teams that no one expected to do so. Suddenly, Dallas is a painful 0-2 going to Houston this Sunday. But look for the Cowboys to ride 'em HIGH and show Houston who the *real* Texans are! Yipee Kai-Yo-Kai-YAY as we take Dallas and the meager +3 points off into the sunset.

Riding off from Houston to the Carolinas, we see the Bungles of Cincy meet the Panthers of Charlotte. If you think the Panther are at all a good team, you are FOOLING yourself. These meager kittens switch their RBs like they switch socks, and the QB is nothing to speak of with or WITHOUT Casey Klaussen. *Lame.* You can take Cincinnati and give the (-3). Then, laugh it all the way to the bank.


Now on to Denver in the next annual battle of the stallions. The Broncos are nursing grief from the death of a fallen WR. The Colts are hungry and hoping for a big showing. Given the circumstances I'm taking the horseshoes over the non-horseshoes. Colts gallop to a big win and give (-5.5) . In fact, I'm amazed that's the line is that low!

We like it a lot and we're going favorites here on

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To Review: Dallas +3, Cincy -3, Indy -5.5

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