Monday, May 19, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 19th

Do you have it????  GUTS!!!

I baked two pieces of fish last night -- Salmon and Halibut.  The halibut was pretty good, but the Salmon, OH, the salmon, it was phenomenal!   I find that baking fish a little extra at 350 degrees makes for better taste.  Just a little extra will do.   Salmon from the store wrapped in foil and put into the oven is simply amazing, and it's so *easy* to cook too!  I rather enjoyed the process.

People out here are already panicking about the Dodgers.  It's only been six weeks.   Yeah, they stink right now, but I feel like this isn't such a big deal.  If the Dodgers can be around .500 by June they'll be just fine, honestly.   The rotation has been mostly good, the hitting has had its moments, the only real problem is that bullpen.  It stinks!!!!!!!!   Not much more to it than that.  I feel like it's correctable so I'm far from "werried."

I know that on this blog I used to tell stories about going out and seeking babes and such, but I haven't had much to tell of late, or perhaps I've been trying not to get *too* personal.  I must say though there was a lady from the Triathlon team I saw on the way to the locker room from swim... quite fetching!

Yeah I guess you *could* say there are spies even for the blog..!  Haha... that comment won't make sense to most people.

Tom in NJ and I are still in the middle of our workout challenge.   I managed to get in a swim yesterday and it was great.   I think this is now the third, maybe fourth week (week 1 was just the tail end of a week).   I feel great! 

My buddy Tom is doing well too... it's had its tough moments, but he went out to run *every day* except for the off day on Sundays.   He's doing great!  He's getting faster and faster with his runs.

There are some moments where I feel faster in the pool too.  I can't say whether that's actually happening, but it *feels* nice.

Know what else feels nice?   Red Velvet pancakes.. I've been craving those for a while... and they serve those at the Aria.  and in better news, speaking of Aria, I have a free room reward there coming up!  I just have to redeem it, but this game I play, myVEGAS, has afforded me one night at the modern, chic, beautiful Aria Resort and Casino.  I look forward to cashing this in!

My birthday is coming up this week.  On that day, I'll take in some swimming and cap it off with those Chocolate Chip Pancakes I told you about from John O'Groats.  I'll be healthy this time!  Might be my first visit there without it being a sick day.   I got the day off as a vacation date this time.

I finally found a sandwich that hits the spot at Barney's Beanery.  It's the Pastrami Reuben on marble rye.  Very good!   Surprisingly good, even.  Most of the food at Barney's is underwhelming.

Did you see a tweet from Michelle Beadle yesterday that showed a shot of a sports bar with a bunch of screens with the caption "Perfection?"  Guess where that was?  THAT WAS TONY P'S!!!   Coach noticed the tweet and showed it to me and I was like "would you look at that?  That's Tony P's!  We were just there last week."

That's the pic she tweeted yesterday.  You can make out the screens, the little board showing the beer selections, and the football helmets at the top, almost instantly.  Who would have guessed?  ESPN's Michelle Beadle also makes Tony P's her home.  It's a tremendous bar too.   I see the buzz has caught on about that place.  I *love* that place to death... ever since finding it, I finally had a reliable, wonderful, and tasty place to be for all the sports.

It was about a year ago (maybe I blogged about it, who knows?), when we were at Tony P's for March Madness and I believe Syracuse may have been playing.  There was some guy in an orange shirt who looked a lot like Andrew Siciliano at the end of the bar that night.  To this day,  I swear that actually WAS Andrew Siciliano.   I mean he has ears you can identify from Mars.

I thought about buying that six pack of Mars bars from Amazon but I got cold feet about it.   It seems like a lot of effort to get candy bars to ship for like $6.95 plus postage from a far away land just so you can try them.  I just want ONE... at like 95 cents.

Mitch Kupchak... today's the lottery.  Good luck to you and your team, and PLEASE do not let Jim Buss make you trade that pick for a Kevin Love rental.    You must stick to your basketball principles!  For us, won't ya?  Signed: Dave in the City and YOTS.

That's all from here, take care you all...

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