Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 14th

Today is the 16th anniversary of Seinfeld's Series Finale.   Remember that day?   We had waited all year for it, wondered how it'd go, and then we were so bitterly disappointed.   A bizarre finish to an otherwise iconic TV show.

Dating website aimed at specific ethnic groups or demographics... does it speak to a form of discrimination?   "Farmersonly.com"   The city and suburban guys on that site going "hey give me a break here!  I like country girls too... why can't I have in on this?"

I bought a ticket to see Kings/Ducks Game 7.  It's probably not going to take place, but I really would love to see a Game 7!  I've always wanted to see a Game 7 of anything... anything!   First round, Second Round, Finals, any sport.  Having one with the Kings in it just makes it better.   ...but I probably am jumping the gun on all this.  We'll see.

I wasn't sure about it until I went to Ticketmaster and saw they had a fifth row seat in the upper deck, and for the price, it was the lowest row I've ever seen a ticket available for a playoff game in Anaheim.  At that point I had to at least give it a shot -- I was never going to get a better seat for the price in a second round matchup.

Well folks, now I'm excited!  But I will only be excited for a limited time.  If the Ducks win tonight, it's all over.   No game 7, no commute to the OC to worry about.   Onward to Game 6 and we'll see if there's anything else afterward.

When it's hot your mental state really gets shaky.  You just start to get loopy.   It's hard to even think in extreme heat.  Today it was 95 degrees in Los Angeles.  NINETY-FIVE.  Whoo!   That's just the beginning... it will be 96 today and 100 on Thursday.  That's just pure madness.

I was laughing a bit at that because I was bracing myself for some really hot temperatures when  going to Vegas and NYC down the road, but I may wind up facing the hottest temperatures of the year THIS WEEK, right in my own back yard.  Whoooo!

I went to Bay Cities to get a sandwich last night, ordered the roast beef instead of the Godmother, and it was pretty good except for one thing. The guy who made the sandwich grilled the Boar's Head Roast Beef on the griddle!   It was nice of him to think ahead, but I gotta be honest, I like roast beef cold... especially Boar's Head Roast beef.   It threw me off for a good while.   Next time, I'll go back to ordering the Godmother, where all the meats are served cold from the get-go.  I could also order a roast beef in the future but I will also remember to ask for the cold roast beef.  It just never occurred to me before... usually if you don't specify anything the roast beef comes cold.

It was hard not to think of fellas like Jabes, Rollins, Pitch and Catch, and the Oat Man last night.  I saw the final 6 minutes of Rangers/Penguins Game 7 and it was intense!  I was so nervous and I wasn't even rooting for any of the teams, but it WAS very very cool to see the Rangers pull off a huge comeback.   Rangers hung on to win Game 7 and beat the Pens.   Ranger fans go through a lot of grief... it was wonderful to see the Rangers pull through for them.

Yesterday at the staff meeting, my manager actually recommended for me to take my birthday off.  How cool is that?  My birthday is on a Friday this year, so I happily sent the vacation day request.  This is going to be *fuuuuuuuuuun.*

I have yet to drink one of those throwback Miller Lite cans.  I gotta get on that!

The heat wave has limited my blog entry to just these paragraphs, but I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great rest of your day!

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