Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 31st

I did a regrettable thing this Saturday afternoon... I parked the car a good 4 feet inside the red part of the curb.  What I was trying to do is get the proper spacing between me and the car in front of me, you know, right around 1-2 feet between us, but I was not keeping track of the curb *behind* me so I wound up cutting into the overall parking space on the street.   If anyone leaves future cars are going to get hosed for the next day-plus.  With only 4 feet behind my car, nobody is going to be able to park in the space behind me either.  A terrible job out of the Dave. 

The LA Kings lost  Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup West Final to Chicago last night, and I was so upset at the Patrick Kane go ahead goal that I threw the remote at the couch, but I am such a mush that the remote bounced right off the couch and back into my hand!   Almost like a boomerang.  It was so funny I nearly laughed!

Sunday night, June 1, will be Game 7 at Chicago between the same two teams.  When I compose the next blog entry we'll see if the Kings are still playing hockey.   As they say -- anything can happen.

I might be getting too old to drink... it's bad enough for regular people, but lightweights like myself can really struggle as they get older.   "Old-er"... you could just be getting "old" but we soften it nowadays with "old-er".  Similar to how one would say "oh he's fatter"... no!  He is just plain fat!   Ah what are you gonna do?  I do the same thing with the "-er".

Anyway, Friday night, I drank two pints of Tricerahops IPA... man is that beer strong.  I was never in danger of hitting a DUI but it provided such a strong buzz and some rough after effects... Even after drinking lots of water after the fact, I had a big headache the next day that I didn't clear up until I took a nap around noon.  and I had to COMPLETELY shut down... it was like a time warp... lie down in the bed and zing, it's an hour later.

I could sense what time it was because I put on "Frontiers" the Journey album on Spotify.   When I dozed off it was playing "Separate Ways" and when I got up it was near the end of the song "Faithfully."  I don't think that was a full hour of sleep, but I stayed in bed a while longer.  

For whatever it's worth, the sensation of a COMPLETE body shutdown is really something!   To do that during the middle of the day really shows how tired one was the night before.   It was one of those nights... after the hockey game I needed to take my mind off it so I did laundry late at night.   I was up way too late... it was so bad that my brain was gasping for air as I hung up the clothes, and the dryer didn't even dry the clothes right!

Even starting the laundry was a fail because when I got to the laundry room, I forgot that I ran out of detergent, so in a t-shirt, pajama shorts, loafers, and a jacket I went to the grocery store.  It was roughly 10pm when this happened so there weren't a whole lot of people there, but I was just thinking to myself as I saw other folks in the store "Don't judge!"

It happens to us all: if you're withing walking distance of the grocery store you'll just slap on pants and go pick up something, ragged or what have you.  Some people don't even bother with the pants. 

Welp... it is now time to go w/ a friend to Chili's... can San Antonio finally take care of business on the road?  I think they can, but they have an abysmal history out in Ok. City.   We'll find out soon enough!   Hope you enjoyed this teaser blog entry.    'Til next time...

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manderly7835 said...

That bouncing remote control is a hoot! Made me remember of an episode of the Simpsons ... The Simpson house was on fire and Homer jumped out of the window to escape. He landed on a mattress but he bounced like a beach ball and went right back through the window to the burning house!!!