Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 28th

Wow... end of May.   Whoda thunk it?

Time flies don't it?   Felt like we were just getting started with March... now it's May.

Apparently a new lady moved into our apartment complex and last night she went bat@$%@# crazy yelling at the rest of the neighbors about her dog that she said was dying. 

I remember some of the characters we had back at the old place in West LA, but this was something else.  I had to shut the windows to tune her out.   She's not an old lady... but geez.   Hopefully that's not something that carries over and maybe she was just flipping out because her dog was dying and not because she's bat@$%@# crazy.  We will see.

If her dog really is dying, my sympathies... you never want to see that.

Does it seem shearn to buy pre-made Hebrew National hot dogs at the store?  Shearn meaning "pointless."   You take one home, and it's so obvious you could have made it yourself.  You eat it, yes for 50 cents each, but you ask "what was the use of this?"  6 bones would have gotten 8 of these hot dogs and buns plus extras for the week.  In fact this topic might be so shearn that I brought it up already!

There's nothing worse than bringing up a subject you just talked about earlier in your lifetime, especially to someone who already heard the story.  It annoys me to repeat stories... I *hate* doing that, because you're saying something to someone that they already know.   I can relate... some of my colleagues, or family, will re tell stories they've told time and time again and it's like watching the same concert all over.   Sometimes it's a great story but you get the sense they didn't know you heard it already.   I hate doing it myself because I want to keep it fresh.

Maybe that's why I haven't done the blog so much lately.  I want original material to bring to all of you and not so much the same six tricks that you'll see from the more hackneyed stand up acts.  That plus sheer laziness.  It's tougher to write a blog in an apartment with a room mate because you have less time overall to do things.   You won't get to watch your shows or your sports immediately because you let your buddy have the TV first and then jump in later, but during that same time you take over the kitchen to cook since your friend just used it to make his meal.  It's interesting.

I went to Hotwire to browse Vegas deals then found a 5 star hotel "North Strip"... I thought I was the *man*.  A saturday night stay in a 5 star?  boom... but then I found out I got the Trump Tower hotel, oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...

I'm told the accommodations are tremendous BUT, the place isn't on the strip, there's no casino in there, and the price isn't a huge savings from its normal price during off peak periods.  I'll give it a try another time when the overall prices are lower.  Amazingly I got out of that deal even though technically you can't cancel a Hotwire deal.

The workaround was that I had to book another trip and then I was allowed a refund of the difference.  The second trip I booked could be less money than the original one so I took advantage and got a room in Santa Clara in July.  Why Santa Clara in July?   Simple!  The California Extreme Arcade Expo... at last I will get to see it!  All I needed as a room... I should be good to go.  Plus I may get to see my friend Jacob.

Imagine if you had to stop 8000 pucks at once?  That'd be a hard task.. and it would hurt!  That would be like a giant rubber pickup truck slamming into you.  How much do you think 8000 pucks would weigh?  If two were about a pound... 4000 pounds?  Ooh!  That's how much a car weighs!  

I feel like Hotwire cheats you somewhat on these hotel deals... Priceline Express deals have netted me better properties... even if Hotwire can sometimes get you lower prices.

Are there people who think it's cool to not like or not follow the NBA?  I found that an unusual trend... guys who proudly proclaim "I DON'T GIVE A BLEEP ABOUT THE NBA AND WON'T WATCH IT."  And they'll say it with the kind of arrogance that implies you should applaud them.   Instead I think "well good for you!  Go get a cookie."  Then I'll put on the game.  Jacob does that... this is an arena where I think his buddies in SF really influenced him.   Jake was more chill about the NBA when he lived in Santa Barbara... and in Southern California, we're big on the NBA... still are.  Our local ESPN station *still* talks local NBA every day even though the Lakers and Clippers aren't in the 'offs right now.

but to be fair the NBA playoffs might be hitting a decade worst level of competitiveness.  Cheers to the Thunder for adding some intrigue to their series last night with a win, evening up the series 2-2, but most of the second and third rounds have been a mind numbing bore.  There just aren't that many competitive teams in this year's 'offs.  We'll have a great NBA finals I think, but the path to get there hasn't been worse.   The Heat are playing virtual preseason games right now and I think the Spurs, despite losing last night, have good command of their series.

If I could pick one Vegas location to stay at right now, and this just emerged, I think Palazzo would be it.  One of my buddies, Kevin, told me about it recently and his description was captivating.  All of the rooms are suites!  No cheapies either... genuine 750 square foot suites with full bedrooms and sunken living room areas.  Definite must-see down the road.  I would consider this as a Christmas gift perhaps.  Perhaps!

For now, back to the grind, the relentless work and local sports.   Life is good.  Hope you're doing well too.  See you soon!

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manderly7835 said...

My very recent roommate experience was with a colleague while we were at a conference in Davis. It took communication in coordinating our own space and time and we managed. It was only for two days so it wasn't bad. We like and respect each other so that also helped.

Maybe you can do your blog away from your apartment...at a coffee shop, perhaps? The library is a cool place, too. :)

Fresh material...how about local or out-of-town getaways and your observations along the way? I've seen horses and cows grazing while on a train ride to San Luis Obispo, and autumn-colored vineyards in the rain. How about pets/animals? Or music/live performances? Or more creative food/snack preparation?

Regardless, it's *your* blog, and despite the gap in between entries, it's cool that you are able to keep writing.