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Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 4th

I'm sure you've seen guys declare they're going off of twitter.   You know, the big theatric annoucement and so on.  I think the most effective way to get off twitter is to get off twitter.

Last year when I did a trip with a friend of mine, I cut off twitter and facebook altogether.   It was refreshing!   I cut the board off too.   I was happy to be freed of the usual nonsense, granted this was just for a couple of days.

Bill Murray playing Baloo.   That would be like Bradley Cooper playing a raccoon.  OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH that happened!

What do you do when you start a blog entry and you don't have that much to write?   It was a slow weekend to be sure.  I read up on College Football with the Athlon Sports preview magazine.

It is a *great* magazine.  I'm impressed by how easy it is to read, yet, how informative it is at the same time.  It's very well organized.  They hit on a lot of great talking points like the new College playoff system, coaches on the hot-seat, QB transfers, and more.  It also avoids a lot of needless abbreviations.

I had one observation... Joe Montana and Jerry Rice were slam-dunk hall of famers in the NFL.  Their *sons* are nothing short of disappointing by comparison.   Nick Montana has been pretty bad at Tulane, and he can't even get a start on the team.   Jerry Rice, Jr. was cut by the Redskins yesterday.  That wasn't totally his fault either -- he suffered a shoulder injury which necessitated the move.


To compare anyone to Montana and Rice is pretty unfair.

I went to Wendy's yesterday to spend the remainder of my gift card, got the Pretzel Bun combo again, and noticed they had fresh lemonade there.  Fresh lemonade!!!!   Good ole lemons and sugar!   It's not always around at your local fast food restaurant, but it is at In N Out and it is here.   A great add by the fine people at Wendy's.  I ordered one to go with my combo.  Deeeeelicious!

I am in the middle of a project on both Spotify and Twitter.  The project is to listen to every popular music album that came out and charted (on Billboard) in 1981.   The project is called #1981inMusic . It covers everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in music.  I had to struggle through a dumpy Kris Kristofferson album and made it through only 3 songs.  I had enough and dumped it.

I try to listen to every album as much as possible... there's just going to be some schmaltzy LP's that are tough to stomach.  I'll put the Ted Nugent album on a very short leash... not a fan.

Going through these 1981 albums, I noticed that there were a lot more very high quality works that came out than I remembered!  I was aware of a handful of them but even other tunes were released that year that I really enjoyed.  Good example:  Eric Clapton's album that year "Another Ticket."   "I Can't Stand It" is one of my favorite Clapton songs and it was right on there.  X's "Wild Gift" album, one of my personal favorites, is represented too, and it surprised me because I assumed it came out a year later.

This is a fun project!  Let's not forget "Don't Stop Believin'" and its Journey album "Escape."  We're in for a fun ride!

80's music is not all I listen to.  I'm listening to some 70's moog synthesizer cuts from Isao Tomita now as I write this.   I've heard music from the Indie scene in the mid-00's when I was in college.  When I was in high school I listened to a lot of disco music.   I've started to sample more and more jazz works from the late 20th century, 60's thru 90's.  I have listened to many classical works on FM radio over the years.   But, it's pretty clear that 80's music is my home base.

I had an idea for a rock album title.  I'd call it "Smart Phones for Dumb People."  I suppose, for further explanation, it could be a metaphor for the dichotomy between advanced technology against the mongos who use it,  but it's really just a nod to the Dead Kennedys who had an LP called "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables."

I stopped playing SongPop a while ago... it wasn't because I got tired of it, but because when I moved to Santa Monica, I couldn't find proper isolation to play the game.  So it went dormant.  I couldn't play it at work at all because the sounds it made would appear pretty obvious that I wasn't being productive.  Then it started playing pop-up ads at every turn and that was the last straw.

I hope others are still playing SongPop.  The game is good if you can get through all the advertising nonsense.

Peach season had to be put on hold.  The last week of peaches at the store was simply awful.  You ever have those *bad* peaches?  The ones that taste like banana mush without the flavor?  I do everything I can in life to avoid eating that mush but this week it just tanked on me.   I was woefully disappointed.   Ergo, my next trip to the store I looked at the peaches much more carefully... they were lacking in color, which was a sure sign we'd get "tasteless mush peaches" again.  I called it off -- I switched to nectarines instead.  This week: it's Nectarine season!

The nectarines are tremendous too... it'll hold me over a fair amount until the peaches get their act together.

Friday night was fun and a little experimental.  I was at a place called "Sonny MacLean's" in Santa Monica.  It's a Boston themed-bar.   With that said, two things in play I really liked there: they play the Dodgers games on SportsNetLA on their TV's and they also have pretty good pizza.  Never have you had such a good slice of pepperoni!  At least not here in California.  They got this fancy or otherwise excellent quality pepperoni and the crust was tasty.  A great pizza had over at Sonny MacLean's.  They had this classic rock cover band which really made me laugh.  They made me laugh because they seem like weekend warriors who do it for fun... so maybe it's "they made me laugh but also inspired me at the same time."   We bounced and danced a tad... as the cover band threw down the best hits of the 60's, 70's, and 80's.  The lead singer's voice was  part of what made me chuckle.  He had a mundane, higher pitched sounding voice with barely any power and he was trying to belt out Journey songs and Bad Company.   I've certainly heard worse though!  

That's all for now... oh wait two more things:



See ya soon!

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