Monday, August 25, 2014

Dave's SEASON LOCK of the Year: Seahawks Under 11 Wins

I have officially denoted the Seahawks UNDER 11 wins as my o/u pick of the year.  I think there are others I'll select, but with the Niners still hungry, and with a tougher schedule, even a great team like the Seahawks will get just under 11 wins for the year.  I have the Seahawks going 10-6.   One thing to watch for with the Seahawks is injuries.  The defense was mostly unscathed in 2013.  We will see if the same applies to their defense for the 2014 season.

Having said that, of all the defending Super Bowl Champions, this team, the Seahawks, with almost everyone at or approaching their prime, has the best shot to repeat as champions.  Perhaps they won't have the best regular season record but if they have everyone well in January, they're as good a team as any.

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