Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 6th

Today I ate a breakfast burrito.

I fixed printer connections at work.

I listened to a few songs on Spotify.

I noticed there were some Jets preseason tickets at just $6.  That seems rather cheap!

Santa Monica weather was surprisingly cool today.

I was at a Starbucks once and there was a hot girl there wearing tight pants but I did not bother to take a picture of her.

I think the Dodgers are doing ok.  If they get one game tonight or tomorrow, that's a good series.


Brian Wilson is the baseball equivalent of human feces.  Truth.

Katy Perry oozes greatness.

I have a podcast today.

No podcast tomorrow.

Mike does not have a show tomorrow.

Heyman is a giant turd.   Many colleagues share this opinion with me.

He's a giant turd because he speculates a lot of generic "what-if's" without providing any information in his columns or tweets.  Entirely pointless.

Speaking of pointless… I think I'll wrap this one up early.   Off to vacation.  Catch you gents later.

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