Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 31st

It has truly been a wonderful day here in Santa Monica.   Lovely weather all around, and good times wherever I go. 

So, out of the blue, I compiled a list of inexplicable internet memes that annoy me.  I can't even explain why I'm so annoyed by them but I am.  So, bear with me, as I go through these.

Internet Memes that Annoy the 'Cow  

"Yes, please."  I've seen this so many times on twitter and even in person.   Like some babe is shown on TV and a guy will go "yes please."  What, are you 8?   That's part one.  Part two... it sounds so silly and contrived.  What can you do?

There's another one where people post a quote inside of a picture.   Now being annoyed by this makes no sense.  Why should it bother me whether the quote is inside a fancy looking picture or just written out in text?  But it does!   I don't know why either, it's so bizarre.

Facebook posts, with exceptions, that are longer than a paragraph.   Some folks out there write whole essays.  HAHAHAHAH it is a *scene*.   For me its like "thanks for sharing but man get to the point, you're taking up the whole webpage here!" 

It's not a very big list, that was it.  HAHA.

I tried to grill bratwurst links today and man, I have never tasted self-made bratwurst that good.   It was fantastic.   I finally got it right!  Low heat, covered grill, 15-20 minutes.   Everything hit home.   I just gotta remember not to let any of the links hit a stray flame on the gas grill.   When that happens you get all sorts of smoke.  It was fantastic.  I'd do it again next time I have the chance.

When you cook bratwurst or other sausage on the grill, how much effort do you use to heat or grill or steam the buns?   It's an open book.   Today I put zero effort into it and just ate them at room temperature from the package.   You know, it didn't matter today.  The taste of that bratwurst really stood out.   The bun was merely playing a bit role today.

It was a rare weekend where I attempted to not go out anyplace at all.   I was taken to a restaurant by family earlier Sunday afternoon and it was quite great.   Native Foods restaurant.   It's an all vegan restaurant, but if you just went and ate their "native chicken" you wouldn't even know it.   Honestly I think I and some family had the best chicken sandwich we ever tasted, but get this, there was no chicken in it!  Instead, it was "Native Chicken" which was a vegan chicken substitute made of soy, wheat, and pea protein.   I dare any of you to go try the Native Chicken Run Ranch Sandwich.  You would swear there was actual chicken in it.   It was simply outstanding.

That's a wrap for today.  Have a great Labor Day everyone!

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