Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: August 21st

One of the strangest moments is when you stay in a hotel in the town you're in.  Isn't that strange?   It's happened a couple times before, but the hotels themselves were pretty awesome.

I've struggled to find inspiration to blog about of late.   I had an idea to go grab a word at random and then write a bunch of things about it.  So I'm going to try this now.   There's a random word generator online.  Here it is!

  • crane

  • crust
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Well!  That is two words… cranes… there was some construction recently going down someplace, and there's ongoing construction for the Metro Expo line expansion to Santa Monica.  I look forward to its completion.   I can then park the car on the street and take the train all the way downtown, maybe even all the way to Dodger Stadium.   That'd make my driving load far lower.

It won't be as fast as driving, although it'd be more efficient when there's traffic.  I like the expansion.  I thought it was just some idea that the government had that would never get done, but here it is!  I see the tracks and the street crossings already, it runs along Colorado Blvd. near where I live.

I had a nutty idea to stop at La Cienega on the Expo Train so I could get Popeyes.  It's the most accessible Popeyes restaurant to the train and I mean it is RIGHT THERE off the train stop.   Popeyes is just good food.   It's not for everyone, but the spicy fried chicken is the best.  I enjoy it tons.  Their biscuits seem a little drier than KFC's but I think they're tastier.  There's also this cajun rice they make which I think is delicious.   Popeyes gets a lot of things right.

One time, when I was really bored and had no life, I took the Expo train all the way to downtown and boarded a transfer to the Gold Line which went up to Pasadena.  On trains I was able to get from Culver City clear to the other side of town, but the commute took nearly 2 hours each way.   Wasn't worth it, but still nice to know it's possible to get to Old Town Pasadena without a car.

So… that's "cranes."


Only thing that came to mind was the crust of a Peach Pie somebody tweeted the other day.  That looked marvelous!  It's been a very long time since I had a peach pie.  It would be of good interest to locate the nearest Marie Callenders and ask for some peach pie.  Would you be nutty enough to eat a slice of every pie on the menu?  Oh the calories that would be!  Man that'd be fun though, just once… maybe take a date to share some of those slices with you.

Favorite pies:  Apple, Strawberry, Peach, Lemon Meringue sometimes, Boston Cream, Chocolate Cream, most other berry pies, pecan, cherry… there's really not a bad pie to be had, I'm not that picky.  However, the ones I go to the most are Apple and Cherry, often because they're usually the most frequently available at restaurants.

This was the best I could do today… great writing must be inspired and natural, there's no use in forcing it.  Ha!  speaking of pie am I right?  Um… yes, that's all.  Catch you soon.

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