Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 15 Results: Big week for Andy and Ottis, Two way tie for 1st

And we are set for a monster finish to our "Kids Club " football picks contest.   Ottis had the best week, going 4-0, Andy was second best at 2-1-1.  Ron managed to salvage two pushes in an otherwise bad week for him and John held steady at 2-2.  Let's break it all down.

Say Hello to Ottis (4-0) 
Hit with: Patriots, Jets, Broncos, Cowboys
Missed with: [none]

Andy in Seattle (2-1-1) 
Hit with: Chiefs, Patriots
Missed with: Ravens
Ties: Seahawks

John in CT (2-2) 
Hit with: Patriots, Jets
Missed with: Rams, Chargers

Ron in NJ (0-2-2) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Giants, Browns
Ties: Seahawks, Texans

15 weeks down, and one big week left, here are our standings entering week 16...

Ottis: 32-25-3
Andy: 32-25-3
John: 29-30-1
Ron: 25-31-4

Away we go!  Tonight we have our "Bowl Preview" show on the DITCOW podcast (@ditcow).   On this program we'll also provide our final "Kids Club" picks of the season.  This week each panelist provides six total picks - 4 bowl picks plus 2 NFL Week 16 picks.   It shall provide for an exciting conclusion in our contest.  Tune in!  (blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity)

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