Wednesday, December 10, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 15: December 10th

Here are the "Kids Club" picks for Week 15.  This week, all NFL picks.  Next week, each panelist will offer 4 College Bowl picks and 2 NFL picks.

Andy in Seattle (30-24-2)
Chiefs -10 vs Raiders
Seahawks -10 vs 49ers
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Ravens -14 vs Jaguars

Say Hello to Ottis (28-25-3)
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Jets -1.5 vs Titans
Broncos -4 at Chargers
Cowboys +3.5 at Eagles

John in CT (27-28-1)
Patriots -7.5 vs Dolphins
Rams -4.5 vs Cardinals
Chargers +4 vs Broncos
Jets -1.5 vs Titans

Ron in NJ (25-29-2)
Giants -6.5 vs Redskins
Browns +2 vs Bengals
Seahawks -10 vs 49ers
Texans +7 at Colts

Some of the lines were adjusted so that the point spreads match in checker on checker picks and for head to head picks.   John and Ottis will go head to head with the Broncos/Chargers game.

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