Monday, December 1, 2014

LOCK of the Week goes 1-0. Now 19-25 for the year.

I was very satisfied with my pick of Stanford +5.5 at UCLA.   Right up there among my favorite picks of the year.  You may remember my favorite pick of the year so far is when I picked the Packers to cover 8 (I believe) at home against the Vikings.  This is maybe my other favorite.  

No need to elaborate on how Stanford did it, or why UCLA is tough to trust ATS.  Instead I'll say that we went 1-0 this week, back to back winning weeks and, one game at a time, my season record is now 19-25.

Soon I'll need to pick more than one game in order to get back to .500, and we'll see what comes up.  Stay tuned...

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