Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: December 4th

Here we go… trying to keep the forward momentum on LOCKS (dink!) of the Week.

Two picks (so far, I may add a third tomorrow).  Here we go.

Florida State -4 vs Georgia Tech.  I like Georgia Tech, and they've had quite a good season.  For me, the fact remains that Florida State has survived many close games and are simply the better team.  They have had their head in their butts all season but in many cases, they still found a way out of it, with every team, and I mean EVERY TEAM going right after them as defending champions.   Georgia Tech's offense is a fun offense, a different offense, that triple option, but it's also a limited offense.   FSU's front seven can hold it down and I think Florida State wins by at least a touchdown.  Why overthink it?   I've exhausted my attempts to root for someone to beat them, time to embrace the Noles (as YOTS would say).

Packers -12.5 vs Falcons.  Packers at home in prime time.  BOOM, right there, that should be enough to pick Green Bay.  The Packers are flat out automatic at home, and most of their home games this year were blowout wins.  Now you add in the Falcons, who plain *stink.*  I know they beat Arizona a week ago, but that is an aberration to an otherwise pathetic season for Atlanta.  This is NOT a good team.  The Packers are on a roll and no signs of stopping now.  The point spread would had to have been Packers -21.5 before I considered taking the Falcons in this one.  Nope!   Packers all the way.   It'll be over by halftime.

So as of the moment (Thursday December 4th) THOSE are my LOCKS of the Week!  On to another good outcome, hopefully.

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