Tuesday, December 9, 2014

"Kids Club" Football Picks - Week 14 Results: Andy goes 4-0, Retains 1st Place, John + Ottis go 3-0-1

A MONSTER week for much of the Kids Club after a rough week last time during Turkey Weekend.   Andy had the best week, winning the week with a smashing 4-0 in picks.   John and Ottis were right behind him with a 3-0-1 week.  Unfortunately, several games turned on Ron in NJ very late.  Florida State for one allowed a backdoor cover to Georgia Tech, and the Packers did the same with under 5 minutes to go in their game against the Falcons.   He went 0-4, but 2 of those were snatched from his fingers near the very end.  Let's recap the results, pick by pick.

Andy in Seattle (4-0 last week) 
Hit with: Alabama, Georgia Tech, Patriots, Seahawks
Missed with: [none]

John in CT (3-0-1 last week) 
Hit with: SMU (won outright!), Georgia Tech, Cardinals
Missed with: [none]
Ties: Vikings

Say Hello to Ottis (3-0-1 last week) 
Hit with: Oregon, Cowboys, Seahawks
Missed with: [none]
Ties: Cincinnati

Ron in NJ (0-4 last week) 
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: FSU, K-State, Broncos, Packers

and on we go!  Here are the standings after 14 weeks.

Andy: 30-24-2
Ottis: 28-25-3
John: 27-28-1
Ron: 25-29-2

Tonight we'll try it again for Week 15.  This time out, we'll do four NFL picks, as there are no college games this weekend.

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