Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 21st

I figured, as I was writing this at night, it would be more accurately reflected to use the date that I'm actually writing the entry rather the day when most people would read it.

I used to do that w/ the podcast, before it became a live show.  I would use the date of "air" so to speak rather than the night I was recording the show.  It was confusing for a while... then we went live and the practice became moot.

On Monday I thought about "ooh" versus "ohhhhh" when you watch sports.  When you say "OHHHH!" it's a big play or an amazing dunk, something like that.  OHHHH is very positive!  It means you got a go-ahead home run or someone broke a world record.  A yell of amazement and wonder.

When you yell "OOOOOOOH" it's a term of utter shock and sometimes dismay.  Someone lays out a hit on a guy in football... OOOOOOOOOH.   Guy gets smacked in the balls, OOOOH.   Somebody posts smack on the message boards, OOOOOH.   OOH can be good things too, like a buzzer beater you didn't expect a la Texas' game winning shot last night in College Basketball.   Otherwise, I tend to use OOH for negative reactions, such as an opposing team doing something to win a game.   However, OOH as mentioned, can go both ways.

You wouldn't believe how good the pizza was at this place my family and I were on Monday.  We went to a pizzeria called "Ojai Pizza Company" in beautiful dusty, sparsely populated Ojai.   Goregous locale... not a whole lot going on, but on this small street: some of the best pizza I've ever had in Ventura County.  I loved Topper's for years and years back in Oxnard, but man...!   Ojai Pizza beats it.  The crust is so crispy on the bottom, but fluffy and chewy on the top.   It's not "New York Pizza".  It's not "Chicago Style" pizza.  It's what I would call "Gold Coast Pizza."   Crispy on the bottom, thicker towards the top.  Sometimes with a crust, sometimes without.   Think of it like those take-home frozen pizzas, BUT unlike man places, Ojai Pizza uses freshly made dough made on site and fresh ingredients.  Folks, it's wonderful.   An ardent Pizza stickler may even enjoy it, despite its thicker crust.   See for yourself!

Ohhh that looks good.  It's too bad the picture is so blurry.  I just found it on the internet.

There is nothing about the English measuring system that makes sense.  Who decided what the length of a foot was?  And why is it divided into TWELVE parts?   It doesn't add up to anything else in the universe!  I don't even know why our hours are divided into 60 minutes, but that has more to do with the matching of the rotation of the earth against the sun so at least there's a little sense from that.

My weekend was spent visiting my family back home in Oxnard.  My *next* weekend will be spent there as well so that I can prepare for my Mom's piano recital. She hosts a recital at our local high school theater for her students and our entire family helps out.  It's quite a production.  I just hope it all goes well.  It can be stressful and it is a ton of work.  It is, however, a great event.  We've done it for nearly 15 years now.

I got a Blackjack App from 12 Gigs Software on the phone recently.  BOY is it addictive.   I can't go a day without playing for a few minutes.  It's all with fake chips, not real money, thankfully.  There was one morning this weekend when I turned on the phone at 5am and started going at it w/ the Blackjack app.  I was playing Blackjack for nearly four hours!   I then went up from 200 chips to over 4000 chips... it was insane!  Then, the next time I played the app, I went from those 4000 chips down to 100... can you believe it?   I got greedy, what can I say?    On the other hand I thought.  I got the strategy from wizardofodds.com down pat now, or mostly pat.   If I can couple that with my own rules for what to bet when I have x amount of dollars (i.e. do 50 dollar bets when I get up to 500 bones, do 100 dollar bets when I get up to 1000 bones, etc), I think I could get almost a 100% return doing the game in a real casino.  It's all very exciting, but it requires luck too.

"And you can tell everybody, and you can tell everybody, I'm the man, I'm the man, I'm the mannnn..."  That sounds like a team player don't it?

You ever have fruit roll ups for breakfast?  I haven't yet, but that must sound liberating!

Nadal.. too good.    The Aussie Open has had some pretty good tennis my friends.

When I have dreams, they wind up being not as inspirational as Martin Luther King Jr.'s dreams.   I think my last dream, yesterday, was about going to get pizza.

When Andy in Seattle goes to sleep and dreams, does his dream yell "DREAM TODAY!  DREAM TODAY!"?  Ahhh??  Hahahahaha, I'm just being a loon.

I discovered something else on my Dad's recommendation yesterday.. well not so much his recommendation specifically.  What he recommended was to get dinner late Monday night, which meant I drove back to my home in Santa Monica laaaate, but in so getting the dinner, we went to a sushi place.   I hadn't tried the fancy rolls before, just my usual spicy tuna.  This time, I looked at my sister's Red Dragon Roll with the spicy fish, and I asked if I could give her a spicy tuna piece for her Red Dragon Roll piece and she was happy to exchange.  So I tried the red dragon with the salmon on the top... that was amazing!   On the inside, there was spicy crab and some tempura shrimp or something.  Tre-mendous.  I had always done basic rolls before, but the fancy rolls, now having tried one, are very appealing.

Sushi is part food, and part art.  There's so much creativity in it... presentation, ingredients, ideas.   You don't get that with a lot of foods.   You can only do so much with steak.  Even hamburgers have a ceiling with combinations.  Sushi seems like a rainbow full of colors, tastes, and visions.

That's all from here.  Happy Wednesday everyone!  Back at it soon here on the blog.

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