Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tyler's Investments Results: We got a tie!

It turns out that we have a tie at the top of the standings between John in CT and Andy in Seattle.   In computing win percentage I calculate ties as half wins... under that metric, I have computed both persons to finish with the same season winning percentage: .5625

Hit on: Oregon State -3, UCLA -7, Clemson +2.5.
Missed on: Texas +14.

Record for bowl games: 3-1.
Final season record: 17-13-2 (.5625)

Andy in Seattle's Bowl Picks

Hit on: Oregon State -3, North Texas -6.5, South Carolina even.
Missed on: Texas +14

Record for bowl games: 3-1
Final season record: 13-10-1 (.5625)

Now for the best of the rest....

Say Hello to Ottis Bowl Picks

Hit on: Kansas State -3.5, Michigan State +4.5
Missed on:  Alabama -16, Bowling Green -5

Record for bowl games: 2-2
Final season record: 12-12 (.500)

Ron in NJ's Bowl Picks

Hit on: UCLA -7
Missed on: Cincinnati +3, Texas A&M -11.5, Alabama -16

Record for bowl games: 1-3
Final season record: 11-12-1 (.479)

Tyler in Moorpark has one game pending, Florida State -8.5.  However, it will not be sufficient to make up the ground he needed to win the contest.   With that in mind here is what he hit and missed on so far:

Hit on: Iowa +7.5
Missed on: Ohio State -2.5, Stanford -4.5

Record for bowl games pending FSU: 1-2 (maximum possible score of 2-2 if FSU hits)
Final season record: 14-17 pending the FSU game.   (.451 currently.  Will be .468 if FSU covers or .438 if FSU doesn't cover)

Here are the final standings as I calculated in Excel. The win percentage formula is: [Wins + (Ties/2) ] / Total Games. 

Andy and John are currently tied.  John has chosen 32 games whereas Andy selected 24 games since he joined the challenge 2 weeks later.  I'll discuss with our investors to determine how to break the tie.  Stay tuned!

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