Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 27th

Got three CD's from Barnes and Noble this weekend:  "Escape" from Journey, "Watermelon Man" from Herbie Hancock, and "'Round About Midnight" by Miles Davis.   The last of these is a pretty historic recording... I was privileged to have a nice remaster of it to listen to on the car drive home from my home town of Oxnard.

This weekend, we did the Piano Recital for my Mom's student-base.  It was an incredible show.  It was a ton of work, but great to be a part of it.

I really have a feeling that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl.   I don't get predictions like this right all the time, and the trends, stats, and recent history all point to the Seahawks, but I feel a little crazy this year.  I'll have more details on what I think the Broncos can do to win later this week, mostly on the Dave in the City Podcast.

Oddly enough, I'm not a big fan of the Grammy's.   I know a lot of people love to tune in to see what stupid thing they do next, but it's not my cup of tea... in fairness, I came home around 8:30 and then talked to Coach for over half an hour about the Super Bowl.  Coach is BIG on the Seahawks to win the game... totally felt the opposite of everything I thought about this game.  We'll get into this on the podcast when Coach gets in studio for the Wednesday Dave in the City show.

Ah right, Grammy's... so at any rate, I see so much buzz on twitter and facebook about it... and I now see what it feel like to be a non sports fan on Super Bowl Sunday.  Everybody *around you* going gaga about something that you're indifferent with.   It's a crazy feeling.   I decided to put on NHL Network to get some highlights of the Rangers Stadium Series Game from Yankee Stadium.  It looked like quite a show for the Blue Shirts!

Even Jason Smith's new regular show can't get me to go back to listening to Fox Sports Radio.

I couldn't find any peaches so I got desperate and bought some frozen peaches from the store.  I take them home, put some of them into a container, add some frozen strawberries, and wait about 40-60 minutes for them to defrost.  That way I can get them in slightly chewable form so I can eat them with a fork.  It's better than it sounds.  I rather enjoyed my frozen fruit tonight.   It's still not as good as fresh peaches and strawberries, but it'll do.

The Kings did a GREAT and I mean *great* job staging the outdoor Stadium Series game against the Ducks on Saturday.  They got Vin Scully out to Dodger Stadium to usher in the game, and even got Bob Miller, Kings Play by Play announcer, to announce Wayne Gretzky's ceremonial puck drop.    KISS performed either during pregame or during intermission, they had beach volleyball for fans to play in the corner.  They *even* got long-time Kings fan "Five for Fighting" to perform at second intermission... he did a great job.

And with all of this ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC well done buildup, the Kings gave us nothing.  LITERALLY, ABSOLUTELY, nothing.   That team, that entire roster, all 59 people or so, should be ashamed of themselves for that awful effort.    I don't think it was so much for lack of trying, but it is just outrageous that the Kings would put on such a class act rink, setup, and ceremonies, only to be followed up by the Kings' worst offensive performance of the season.   I have not been so disappointed in a Kings game in years.  You'd think the Kings would finally snap their losing streak here in such a big game.  NOW... I don't know what's in store for them.  I mean my bleeping goodness, they have GOT TO win sometime.  Their defense is way too good to be denied for much longer.    This team is much better than they showed this week.   Get a win, Kings, lets do this!

There was a fun idea I had... or maybe fun with some parts frustration.   I know the Kings are not going to lose 60 games in a row... so I said, that's it, I'm going to bet on them to win the next game and the next game, and the next game until they finally WIN.   So I start with a 5 bone wager on their next game, theoretically.  If they win, great!  If they don't, I'll put ten bucks on their NEXT game.  15 on the next one, 20, 25, 30, until they finally get a win.  Afterward, I'll just go back to watching them play hockey.

Let's just hope it ends HERE at San Jose.  Something's gotta give.

That's all from here!   Enjoy your Monday.

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