Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: September 16th

Felicidades!  Today is Mexican Independence Day.  Fiesta!

I heard Colin Cowherd do a promo and say "Save 150 bones on [something] at [xyz store]."  Do the dance!   It's cool to hear other people use the term bones for money.  It's something I picked up myself years ago.

There are a lot of slang denominations for money.  My Mom one time, when I was young, used the term "Bread" for money.  Bread is actually one of my least favorite slang words for money.  Bread sounds so hokey… so silly… but she said "oh it was just the language of the time."

I also say "cabbage" as a term for money.  Sometimes I just say "cabbage" as a euphemism for "stuff."

Ah!  "Dough" is also used to denote money.    "Lettuce" has, although not often, been used to denote money.  Pretty interesting, anyway.

It's been a struggle to write the blog entries lately.  I used to do them during "Coffee Hour" at work, which was 8am to 9am, but then people started to run to me with emergencies.  Then I tried them at home the night before, back at the old apartment.   But, the real truth is I've been slacking off, plainly and simply.    I felt like I was running out of ideas, let it go for a while and then got carried away.   I can imagine what it was like for people who write for long running sitcoms.  All the most basic storylines play themselves out -- now what?   It's challenging isn't it?

Some of the things I do are just too wacky to even write about.  Last night, and on Saturday afternoon, I was doing hardcore analysis of Columbia Records record labels and catalog numbers.  It would be too embarrassing to write in detail, but I broke some of that down in the last blog entry.

I do have plans w/ a friend tonight, thankfully.  She's great to go have a ball with.  And we ball. We are ballers who ball.

It's great that I don't sit around doing shearn things every single night.  That'd be depressing wouldn't it?   You know it's really funny that with the football season I wasn't really able to get out much.  So much paranoia bout missing this game and that game, and it included college too.  Here's how a typical week broke down during the Fall:

Sunday -- NFL Football
Monday -- Monday Night Football
Tuesday -- Swim
Wednesday -- Podcast
Thursday -- Thursday Night Football
Friday -- Happy Hour and/or Friday College Football on ESPN
Saturday -- College Football

So from September through Mid January I had only one night to do anything non-football related.

You know, I think Monday Night Football has gotten so bad, and the games the NFL gives them are so insulting, that I wonder if the NFL might consider just cancelling it altogether.  The Thursday night package is ruining prime time games across the board.   There's all sorts of reasons for that, forcing teams to play on short rest, subtracting would-be good matchups from larger television platforms, and so on.   Part of what made MNF the original prime time affair was the exclusivity of it.  It was the only prime time game and it had the matchup all to itself.   The NFL really got away from that lately.

No matter how much the 'L and ESPN deny it, we knew even THEN that Sunday Night football, on a broadcast network with Al Michaels, became the de-facto "Prime Time Game" and Monday Night Football reverted to the old Sunday Night game which had teams that nobody else wanted that week.  ESPN must be so livid to get these terrible matchups week after week, year after year.  Once in a while they get a good matchup, but compared to the other ten that are borderline brutal?  It's a tough spot.

So I think I wouldn't be commish for long, but if I could, I'd just push all the promotion to SNF, and gently let go of MNF and TNF.  However, the idea of there being a game on Monday night is still a good thing.  It's just that, you can't realistically expect a 16 game NFL schedule to have four fantastic NFL matchups on the same week every week.  CBS and FOX need their showcase game for the daytime.  Ultimately someone's getting left out, and I felt like that "someone" was ESPN.  Something's gotta give.

Ah, so where was I?

Have I mentioned the greatness of the Fab's Hot Dog "Fab Burger?"  It's just fantastic my friends.   Two fresh beef patties, swiss cheese, provolone cheese, fab sauce, and two slices of premium bacon, OH!   That burger blew me *away.*

I got the itch to go back to this place nearby called "Hop Woo" for some Orange Chicken or General Tso's.  Panda Express does orange chicken too, but I alway found it to be heavy on the batter.  The best orange chicken is the one where the batter is a crispy outer shell that punctuates a freshly fried piece of chicken breast.  Oh so good, and with sauce that can mix in with the rice.  Hop Woo has a tiny parking lot, like 5 spaces, but it's worth it.

I think that's all for now.  Thanks for indulging me, my friends.  'Til next time.

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