Sunday, October 26, 2008

New York City... SUPER GIANTS!

PITTSBURGH-- Who needs a terrible towel when you have a terrific front four?

"3-4 THIS!!!" said the New York Football Giants, crushing the Steelers offensive line when it counted most, during the fourth quarter. The running game was weak for Pittsburgh. Essentially, the Steelers brought a paper knife to a gunfight, and the Giants defeated the Steelers in an odd one, 21-14.

Worse than this, Ben Roethlisberger threw four interceptions, which led to several Giants field goals. Only ONCE, did the Giants score a touchdown. Outside of that, it was the field goals, and a very awkward safety off a bad snap to the punter. The ball fluttered past the "Orlovsky Zone" and went for a safety. It was so baffling, even the computerized box score reported "undefined."

"Baffling" basically sums up Sunday evening. The game had hard hits, lots of turnovers, and was not one for the faint of heart, but wouldn't you know, the Giants' defense carried the G-Men to a win.

Most striking about Sunday's big matchup was that, the game asked more questions than it answered. Just how good are Pittsburgh's special teams? How did the Giants fare so poorly in the Red Zone? Could the Steelers' offensive line be overrated?

Who between these two teams is legitimate? Perhaps neither of them are. After all, it didn't seem like either team executed much offensively. Still, somebody had to win, and on this night it was the New York Giants. Well earned victory for the Giants, and well timed, with some tough games coming up.

It was an exciting moment for football, but the mystery continues: Who are the best teams in the NFL? Tonight's Monday Night Football between Indy and Tennessee will give us some more... revealing clues. Come solve with us, won't you?

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