Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Week 8: Dave's LOCKS of the Weak

In the beginning... there was space...
Then there was time...
and soon... there were

Dave's (fwoosh!)
LOCKS (flash!)
of the Week (gush!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 8

Hi again, everyone and welcome back to LOCKS of the Week. In all the one years I've done LOCKS, I never had a tougher week than this one. I must say this is the hardest LOCKS of the Week ever picked. These LOCKS are going to be weeeeeaaak, but never fear, sports fans! Take pride in these picks and walk away happy, just don't bet too much on any of them so you don't come running after me... OK!!

So with humility, to the picks...

Let's jump start this thing over in HOUSTON! Reliant Stadium is so good to me. First, it helped us shake out 0-fer week by narrowing the field. Go Texans! Then it helped save my LOCKS a week ago. Go Lions! Now I'm about to go to the well ONE more time.

I know this is dangerous. I can't keep riding the same team all year long, but dammit, these guys are a big part of 0-fer watch, those Texans. Without them, the NFL would be a whole lot of 8-8. Who needs that? Instead lets be reliant on Houston's team to........ keep it close! The Bungles are back. Oh yeah, and look at this: Would you believe that both teams are ranked near the bottom of the NFL in turnover ratio? Yeah I know, me and my turnovers. Hey, I go with what works, and what won't work is either team keeping the ball. Watch for the eee! ooh! aaah! hot potato all afternoon and watch for Cincy to COVER the (+9.5) points at Houston. Don't be surprised to see a Bungle uprising!

Houston can't possibly win three in a row, can they?


From the humid heat of Houston to the hot beaches of Miami and out to Dolphin Stadium! The Dolphins are at home again to avenge their last loss to Baltimore. While last week, the Fins feebily flopped, this week the Dolphins will Diligently Dominate the Buoyant Buffalo Bills! Why buoyant? The Bills scored a huge win at home against the Chargers in Week 7, but this week is a different story. Buffalo is, dum dum dummmmmmmmm, on the Road!

The Bills have a +31 point differential, worst among division leaders. Over 6 games, that means an average margin of victory of five points a game! Clearly, the Bills are a fluke waiting to happen. Let's not forget, they have yet to beat a team currently above .500.

So how does it all add up? The Fins Fight to a big cover (+1.5) slathered with tartar sauce. Go Fish for a fresh catch, straight from the ocean to you!

Now we'll sail up the Atlantic from Miami to Nashville Tennessee. The Titans are home this week to play the Indianapolis Colts. Music City Miracle you say? No sir! The Titans are legit. They won every game but one by at least seven points. They're the best cover team over the last 2-3 years. They're playing one of the most fragile teams in the division, they being the Indianapolis Colts. It could be a good game, but I like the odds for Tennessee. Give the points to the Titans, all (-4.0) of them and let's boogie!

That, mercifully, brings an end to a very precarious

Dave's (creeeeaaaaaak)
LOCKS (snap!)
of the Week (Aieeeeeeeeeeee!)

Again this is going to be a really tough week. I have a tough feeling about this one, but I'll give it the best shot. Enjoy, boys and girls!

Recap: Bungles (+9.5) cover at Texans; Dolphins (+1.5) cover at home; Titans (-4.0) cover at home.

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