Friday, October 3, 2008

Your LONG Weekend Football Preview

He's baaaack!

LOCKS of the Week Contributor Andrew Jacobsen starts the weekend with a bang! Here's another one of his Weekend Football Previews:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Another Friday. Oh man, do I look forward to Fridays. Is that good? I mean, I go through an entire work week wishing it was the weekend. That is about as obvious a sign that you don’t like your job that I can think of…and that can’t be good. Why can’t I be one of those people who enjoys their job? Who are these people anyways? I’ve always thought you are supposed to hate your job…which why they call it a “job” or “work”. Anyways…

Two people who don’t have a “job” or “work” right now are Lane Kiffin and Scott Linehan. Seriously, when did firing coaches in the middle of the season become the new “thing to do” in football? Not too long ago, it was ridiculous to even considering doing such a thing…not in the NFL. This week, it happen TWICE! When did firing football coaches become like firing baseball managers…where even teams headed to the playoff will fire a manager just weeks before the season ends. I’m not saying either one shouldn’t have been fired but if we are going to do this NFL, lets go all out on this. Marvin Lewis, I’m looking at you. Watch out Rod Marinelli. Start packing your bags, Herm Edwards. I mean, if its going to happen, why not just get it over with, right? Come on guys! Lets do this! We can have them all out by Halloween if we really try!

One last thing before I get to this weeks game previews, I want to first pat myself on the back for something I stated in last weeks Football Preview. After USC had lost to Oregon State, I said the following: “Remember how awesome college football was last year? It seemed like every week the #1 or #2 team (or in some cases both) would lose. It was complete chaos…last night, I hope USC’s loss is the first of more to come for top ranked teams over the next few months. LET CHAOS REIGN!”

So what happened? Chaos was the order of things during last weekend. 3 of the top 4 ranked college football teams LOST (USC, Georgia, and Florida). It was awesome! AND on top of all that, we had the Cowboys (the new favorite for everyone in the NFL) losing at home on Sunday. What a great weekend!

(side note: last night #10 south Florida lost to Pitt to start off things this weekend in the “sucks if you are a ranked team” ESPN Thursday night game)

Now we have Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Missouri and Texas (order depending upon the pool) as our new top 5. Well, get ready folks. Get ready for some debates…no, not presidential debates (lame)…get ready for the end of the year debate of who should play in the national championship game because, more then likely, all of the current top 5 teams will lose at some point here coming up. That’s gonna leave us with lots of 1 and 2 loss teams at the end of the season and the endless debate that we all love to share our opinions on even though we hate hearing everyone else’s. Good times are coming. And so is this weekends preview…

College Football

Lets start with two Bounce Back games:

Oregon vs. USC – A game between the ONLY two RANKED teams in the PAC-10. Really? ONLY two teams PAC-10? What a joke! The SEC has TWO teams ranked in the TOP 5. The BIG-12 has THREE…yes, THREE…ranked in the TOP 5!!! Well, after this week expect the PAC-10 to have only USC as a ranked team. Do you really think USC will lose two games in a row? No…I don’t either.

Florida vs. Arkansas – I’m really only mentioning this because I just now noticed how ridiculous Arkansas schedule has been the past few weeks. I don’t think any team has had a tougher schedule to start the season…which has included games against Alabama, Texas, now Florida, then at Auburn next week. That’s 4 games in a row against top 15 teams. Yikes! Welcome back to college football Bobby Petrino…if anyone deserves that, its YOU!

Missouri vs. Nebraska – Again, I’m only mentioning this game because of a teams schedule…Nebraska’s. Did you know that Nebraska has 8…EIGHT!...HOME games this season. They will play on the road only 4 times! How does that happen? Really? Shouldn’t there be some board or something that makes sure that doesn’t happen? Is that really fair? Well, I guess Nebraska still sucks though and lets hope (Please! Please! Please!) that Missouri goes into Nebraska and beats them up this weekend.

Ohio St vs. Wisconsin – I picked this game at the beginning of the year as THE game in the BIG-10. Of course that was before I knew about that Penn State team and their “old as dirt” head coach. But still, this game…wait a second…hold on…I’m still on an Ohio St. boycott! Forget about this! Lets move on…

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt – apparently ESPN’s College Gameday is going to be in Vandy for this game this week. Really? Do we really think Vanderbilt is that good? I’m not buying it. I say that come seasons end, Vandy won’t even be ranked. Enjoy it while you can Commodore fans!

Also…seems like this season is starting to get a little crazy in college football…be careful this weekend Oklahoma and Alabama.

And now to Sundays…

Well, we got through the week 4 bore and now we are back to some awesome pro matc…wait…ugh! Again! Crappy NFL games all over the place this weekend. Dammit! I mean, when a winless Bungles team against the Cowboys is your big national game Sunday afternoon, we have a serious lack of compelling matchups.

Actually both night games this week aren’t too bad. Steelers vs. Jags is an interesting rematch of a playoff game from a year ago…even though both these teams aren’t as good as they were a year ago…who knew you need an offensive line to be successful in football? Saints vs. Vikings is interesting as well. If for nothing else, fantasy purposes.

Washington vs. Philly – Who saw the redskins win over dallas last week coming? If you said “I did” to that question, you are a LIAR! Still, I was very happy to see it but I expect a letdown for them this week in Philly. Still, these NFC east matchups are MUST SEE TV in the NFL this season. Best division in ALL of pro sports.

Seattle vs. NY Giants – I don’t know why I have so much interest in this game but I do. Seattle plays HORRIBLE whenever it travels to play a game in the eastern time zone. The giants don’t play as well at home as they do on the road…dating back to last year and continuing this season. Really, they should have agreed to play this game at a neutral site somewhere in Kansas or something. That probably would have benefited both teams.

Buffalo vs. Arizona – Who would have guessed at the beginning of the year that this would have been an interesting game? Geez. Bills are 4-0 but I have sneaky suspicion that changes this weekend. Arizona is very good at home and as long at Kurt Warner doesn’t decide to turn the ball over another 6 times this week, this could be a very tight game. Of course I won’t be able to see it because I’ll get to watch the Bungles STINK it up against dallas. Oh boy!

That’s it. Enjoy the games and your weekend everyone... (Is it just me or are these getting longer? Mad props to you if you read the whole thing because I didn’t.)

Andrew Jacobsen

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Dave Medina said...

Special note about the Buf/Az game:

Anquan Boldin is OUT. That could prove to be a huge obstacle for the Cardinals. Boldin really carried the passing game last month, and even at home it could be a significant challenge for Az. Hard to say who wins this one. I half wish this game was on Local FOX instead of Sea/NYG (yuck!).