Friday, October 17, 2008

Your Weekend Football Preview

Here we go one more time with LOCKS of the Week Contributor Andrew Jacobsen and his Weekend Football Preview:

Back again…by popular demand…YOUR WEEKEND FOOTBALL PREVIEW.

Is it just me or is it starting to feel like Fall now? Halloween is fast approaching. Baseball season is FINALLY winding down. And it was only about 90 degrees in downtown LA yesterday. Yes, Fall is here!...And that means, MORE FOOTBALL!!!

College Football

First off, I want to give props to the BIG-12 for giving us some great matchups this season in college football. Not only did OU and Texas give us the most entertaining game of the year so far last weekend, but we can thank the BIG-12 as a conference for making up for the other conferences sucking it up this year. Seriously? What happen? The SEC isn’t as good this year as in years past. The PAC-10 sucks. The BIG-10 still sucks…ditto for the ACC. The BIG-12 and all its high power offenses have saved us so far. And there are some great BIG-12 matchups in the coming weeks...and this week with…

#16 Kansas/#4 OU – Fresh off their loss to Texas last week, Oklahoma looks to rebound at home against Kansas this weekend…and I think they will. I mean, OU has ONLY beaten Kansas 21 straight times in Oklahoma. Should be an entertaining one…

Also in the BIG-12…

#11 Missouri/#1 Texas – Game of the week here. I’m still pissed at Missouri though. They SHOULD have won last weekend against OK St., but they played flat on offense and got beat at home. Had Missouri won, this game could be between the #1 and #2 or #3 ranked teams in the country. Still, with a win, Missouri could get back into the championship hunt…and Texas would be just ANOTHER #1 team to lose after gaining the top spot.

Ohio St./Michigan St – Usually the biggest game versus a Michigan school for OSU is in November, but this year its Michigan State that should provide the bigger test. Ohio St. hasn’t played a really good football game since before their loss to USC earlier this year. They might have to play their best game of the season to get a win against a pretty good Michigan St team.

Mississippi/Alabama – I’m going to keep mentioning Alabama games here on the preview until they lose. I mean, they are #2 right now…and maybe rightfully so…but I just can’t help but think that they are going to lose very soon. Very, very soon…maybe this weekend. Until they do, I’m going to mention them here because I don’t want to look back and see I missed it.

Pro Football

SD/Buffalo – Does the “west coast teams always lose when playing 1pm east coast games” theory hold up again? Seriously, why can’t teams on the west coast win games on the east coast? Is the time difference that difficult to handle? I don’t get it. Either way, this should be a good one in Buffalo. We’ll see if the pattern of play this season continues for the Chargers in this game…good one week at home, bad the next week on the road.

Dallas/St. Louis – I’m not going to watch any of this game unless its close late…BUT… I’m writing about it because can we PLEASE STOP espn…stop all this Cowboy drama. Listen, I love chaos as much as the next guy and love to watch teams fall apart (as long as they aren’t mine…damn! Too late!) but seriously its too much. You would think the cowboys are 0-6 and not 4-2 listening to all this stuff.

Indy/GB – Probably the most interesting game of the weekend. Both teams have struggled to start the season and both seem like they will be having to fight for a playoff spot come the end of the year. Which team can put it all together and grab a win this weekend? I have no clue…hey, its called football “Preview” not football “predictions”. Should be a fun game though.

Also, two other games of note…PIT/Cincy and DET/HOU. Both games feature the 0-fer Bengals and Lions. Can the winless streak continue for both? I hope so. I mean, I usually don’t wish ill-will on others (ok, yes I do sometimes), but I would LOVE to see a team go 0-16. Wouldn’t that be something? Imagine if they both went 0-15 and then played each other at the end of the season? WOW! Now that would be awesome…but unfortunately not how the schedule is set up. Maybe if they both go 0-16, the NFL could set up a 1 game playoff between the two…winner gets the #1 draft pick. Now, that would REALLY be something.

Done. Enjoy the games and the weekend everyone. Be safe…

Andrew Jacobsen

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