Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Week 7: Dave's CLIFFS NOTES of the Week!

105 miles to Los Angeles, on 4 hours of sleep, it's 11pm, and I'm wearing sun glasses.

Let's hit it!

Dave's (vroom!)
LOCKS (honnnk!)
of the Week (screech!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 7
(on a "Mission from God")

Time for an abridged edition of our beloved LOCKS. Let's do this thing!

To the picks!!

To the Meadowlands first... oh baby I've been waiting all week for this. The Giants are seeking blood and revenge for their loss in Cleveland. The 49ers are toast. The Giants (-10.5) will find their groove back. Give the points to the Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-men and see them knock the EUREKA out of the Niners.

To Arrowhead Stadium next... Kan-sas City baby! You know... I'm wondering if the Titans are going to drop the ball on the road... ah let's just take the points and give KC
(+8.0) the cover. No idea why, It's late and I'm tired. If this really happens, I'll be dancing on Haley Street!

To HOUSTON last! A big contribution to 0-fer watch was that great Texans/Dolphins game last week. What will the Texans do for an encore? Well let me tell you, both teams have HORRIBLE turnover ratios and pt. differentials. These teams are evenly matched. How in the hell is Houston favored by 9? That's ridiculous. Lions cover (+9.0), easy.

That concludes

Dave's ("sure to go 0-3")
LOCKS (clunk!)
of the WEEK (wobble, wobble)

Recap: Giants (-10.5) cover at home, Chiefs (+8.0) cover at home, Lions (+9.0) cover at Houston

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