Friday, December 19, 2008

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 1

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A pleasure to have you for the big FRIDAY show here on LOCKS of the Week Radio. Wow... We have a big show for you, a year ender, to finish off 2008. Today on the show we'll have for you the Year in Review, we'll touch on Bowl Week, and then we'll see about teams to beat in the NFL playoffs.

That's all coming up right here "In the City..."

Welp, Christmas is coming round the corner, and we're all getting excited. I can't wait to get my present! Nope, not the new widget... no I'm talkin' about the Lakers beating the Celtics for once.

UGGGH!! How many times do Laker fans have to get its ass whipped by the Celtics? 4 generations of Laker fans taken to the woodshed by Boston. Its so frustrating. But anyway what an incredible matchup of two teams that are lighting up their respective conference. The kind of juggernauts we haven't seen meet up since the Giants met the 49ers way back in 1991. THIS IS BASKETBALL MY FRIEND. Yes, I'm dying to see this.

You can bet LA fans are psyched up for the matchup. They've been chanting "Boston Sucks!" since opening night. They want this. Can you imagine the hype if the Lakers pull off the upset? Holy hat, that would be insane. If you were sick of Lakers coverage before, the madness after a Lakers win would drive everyone nuts. That would be so hilarious.

Ok ok, let me actually break down the game. I'll put it into three categories.

Defense: Celtics easily. The C's are a great defensive team. They have tremendous vision, they're physical, they're a bunch of punk-ass bullies, and its the perfect M.O. I love how the C's have really responded to Coach Doc Rivers' solid leadership. Jake will always tell me how bad he is, but he's the NBA's Dusty Baker. Motivationally speaking, he's got it goin' on.

Offense: Lakers. Nobody has more depth than the Lakers. When Luke Walton is the 11th guy off the bench, you know you have a very deep offensive team. The Lakers, as they've done the last two years, are top 5 in scoring. So far this year, they lead the league, scoring 108 points per game. The PACE that the Lakers play at can be staggering sometimes. Any opponent could have a 2 point lead turn into a 12 point defecit at the blink of an eye.

Intangibles: Even. The thing is, the Lakers are nearly unbeatable at home, despite their extremely OVERRATED defense. The 2nd unit really feeds off the crowd and feasts off of turnovers. Without those turnovers, suddenly the Lakers become very pedestrian. For the Celtics, you are looking at a team built on toughness. There's no doubt the Celtics are mentally and physically intimidating, having a great size advantage over most teams in the NBA... but more than that, they'll grind it out and go in deep and take the contact. That's an important facet to have to advance deep in the playoffs.

Both teams have loads of playoff experience. Granted, the Celtics as a team have only 2007 on their portfolio, but as individual players, both teams have been through the wars. Interestingly enough, both teams' bench players are fairly young.

This is going to be a great, fantastic game. For all we know, one team will beat up the other, but the intensity of this GAME is going to be playoff-esque. The crowd will be excited, the teams will be wanting it, it's been circled on the Calendar since the schedule came out. THIS IS IT!!!

After this break, we'll take a good look at Bowl Week. What are the more underrated matchups of the College Bowl Season. That's coming up after this.


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