Thursday, December 18, 2008


“Well, the weather outside if frightful…”

Yes…yes it is. We’ve had rain and now cold weather here in California all week and even though its Christmas time and we should be having cold weather…still this is CA and we are just not used to it. My ears hurt because its so cold. BUT…it does feel like football weather, right?

So here you have it, boys and girls…the last football preview of the year. Yep, I’ll be off next week and won’t return until after New Years. You’ll have to deal with two weeks without knowing what games to watch on the weekend. Its ok though…I’m sure you’ll make due.

BIG weekend in the NFL this week. Lots of meaningful games with playoff implications. I can’t remember the last time that was true this late into the season. Lets get to the games…


With no college football and us still being a week away from any halfway decent bowl games, we have some NFL action on Saturday night..and it’s a good game too…if you like low scoring affairs.

Ravens/Cowboys – Both teams are fighting for a wild card spot in their respective conferences. Defense should be the name of the game come Saturday night. Both teams have been excelling on that side of the ball recently. Should be a hard hitting affair…and no, I don’t mean in the Cowboys locker room.


Steelers/Titans – the battle for the #1 seed in the AFC. Winner becomes the odds on favorite to go to the Super Bowl from that conference. Titans have looked vulnerable of late…losing 2 of their last 4 games. The Steelers meanwhile have been playing better recently. Again, defense should rule in this one.

Bengals/Browns – the battle for Ohio…round 2!!! Wait…oh, that’s right…nobody cares. Skip it!

Saints/Lions – why would I list this game? Answer…O-fer Watch ’08 Continues!!! This might be the best last chance for the Lions to get a win. Can they do it or will they go down in history as the worst football team ever? Luckily they are playing the Saints…who are pathetic on the road.

Cardinals/Patriots; Dolphins/Chiefs; Seahawks/Jets – keep an eye on the games involving the AFC East. Its really a must win for all involved otherwise they can start making their holidays plans because a loss and you can kiss the playoffs goodbye.

Falcons/Vikings – We should name this game “the matchup between first round losers in the playoffs”. Seriously, both teams are in the mix for a playoff birth right now but if they make it, I would expect both or whichever one does to lose RIGHT away. Still, should be a competitive, ugly game Sunday afternoon.

Panthers/Giants – speaking of competitive, ugly games…it would shock me if this matchup was anything but. It’s the battle for the #1 seed in the NFC. The Giants are REALLY struggling on offense right now and need to start putting things together if they hope to repeat this year. The Panthers, meanwhile, I’m not sold on. Seriously, how did they win this many games this year?

Ok…there you go. Good crop of games to choose from this weekend. Happy Holidays everyone. I’ll check back in next year…

Andrew Jacobsen

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