Sunday, December 7, 2008

Saved by the buoancy of Cherilus!

The Lions saved themselves from themselves by being themselves. When Gosder Cherlius chop blocked Allen to rile up the Vikings, it was ON. Suddenly, the once hapless Vikes flicked the switch and beat the Lions the rest of the way. Final score: Vikes 20, Lions 16.

The Lions quest for 0-16 continues. Now they're 0-13! Only three games remain for them to achieve the ultimate infamy. They've been playing with such amazing heart, though, I can't see it happening. Coming up on today's "Dave in the City" podcast, I'll go over how the Lions' energy will put a dent into a perfect season.

A slight bummer, but the Lions truly deserve a win after these last two games.

Special note: A big preview of the BCS bowl games awaits you, also on today's "Dave in the City" podcast.

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