Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 15: Dave's QUICKIES of the Week!

Once again we're back at it again, here to bring you good pick until the end.
A week ago we were 0-3, but this time we'll pick 'em rightfully
So don your gay apparel high, and witness here as we try

Dave's (ring!)
LOCKS (ding!)
of the Week (dong!)

The Holidays are upon us indeed. Pretty soon Hanukah arrives and then the big one... Christmas Day. May we commercialize to our hearts content!! Now then, let's round our our season with a bang, starting here with Week 15's big time LOCKS of the Week.

To the picks!!

To ARIZONA we go... Would you believe the Cardinals have no line against the visiting Vikings? Is that for real? No line??? Take the Cards!! They're stellar at home and figure to be a cinch against the mediocre Vikes... EASY MONEY! Cards (no line) win outright at home vs the Land-o-Lakes

Now let's soar like a Cardinal from Glendale to the Queen City. On the banks of the river, the Bungles play out their season on a string. Poor Bungles... so much hype for so little output. The Bungles had their run, but now they flat out SUCK. They're getting 7 points at home against the Redskins, but the 'skins are mad! They've been lashing out at each other, and now will want to dominate to get back on track. I think the Redskins cover the (-7.0) and get a huge win at Cincinnati!

Finally let's float down a few rivers from Cincinnati to Baltimore. Time for some Crabcakes and delicious seafood. Imagine a Ravens fan this weekend: hmm, Crabcakes or a Ravens game? Both look ugly, but get me results! If ever the Ravens looked like a LOCK to win, this was the game. The Steelers are riding high but highly beat up. Their offensive line has been weak all year long. Joe Flacco is servicable, which is all you ask for as a Ravens fan. I like the Ravens a lot! The Ravens are (-2.0) favorites and I like them to get it done. Ravens cover the (-2.0) at home.

Ho Ho Ho!! Season's Greetings on

Dave's (blink!)
LOCKS (clump!)
of the Week (bonk!)

Only a few days until Christmas! Stay safe out there!!

Recap: Cardinals (no line) win outright at home; Redskins (-7.0) cover at Cincy; Ravens (-2.0) cover at home

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