Friday, December 19, 2008

I still don't know if the Colts are this good...

Any time you see a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, you question whether its the opposing team thats this GOOD or if it's the Jags that are this BAD.

Last night, more confusion. The Jags were ahead early, 14-0, but still managed to lose the game 31-26. BUT... the Colts needed some spectacular passing from Peyton Manning to get it done.

LOCKS Contributor Andrew Jacobsen notes that if the playoffs ended today, the Colts would play the Broncos in the first round. AGAIN?!?! How many times can we take Indy blowing out the Broncos??

However, the matchups have not been etched in stone. Andrew's football preview (below) indicates there is lots to be decided in Week 16. My feeling is, the Colts have been getting well on bad teams, including the Jaguars and Lions, and I am still not convinced. I remember that they went out on the road to beat the Steelers, but I see way more of these 3-7 point games against Houston, Detroit, and Cleveland. These are teams that ANY legitimate playoff contender should beat handily. Instead, the Colts barely skate by.

Luckily enough, Indy might be playing the other team with this character trait: Denver. Wouldn't you know?? I still don't know if the Colts are "11-5 good..."

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