Friday, December 19, 2008

Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 2

Welcome back, "In the City." I'm Dave Medina.

You know, I never thought cold weather would return to Calfornia, and its quite an adjustment. I think I have 10 layers on right now. I also have no heating... none! Grr...

Quickly, a note on the BCS Championship in 3D. I brought up the test screening earlier, and of course we know that 3ality is commissioned to produce the event... but wait until you get a load of the theatres showing the game. They're all in the sticks! Tulare?! Riverbank?! Livermore?!?!?! Wow! It's as if they're purposely forcing us to go to redneck territory to watch this thing. ...No thanks.

Anyway, the Bowl Season is almost underway. Sure, we all know about the most important games, bah, it's been played. Let's touch on the biggest "little" games of the Bowl season.

This is in no particular order, by the way:

Poinsetta Bowl, TCU vs Boise State. This game looks really evenly matched. Admittedly I haven't had a chance to pay enough attention to TCU, but remember they gave Utah a good game a few weeks ago. Boise State, can't say enough about them. They're dominating teams every week, albeit very lousy ones. The matchup, on paper, seems fascinating. Will the WAC Team beat the Mountain West team or vice versa?

next theres the

Hawaii Bowl, Hawaii vs Notre Dame: Anyone else puzzled with how Hawaii is allowed to basically host an extra home game? Anyway, a meeting between the Warriors and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is gold waiting to happen. Hey they always say, there's a pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow, right? So if you match the rainbow against the gold, who wins? That, alone, is reason to watch this game!

Ok, moving on,

Lets take a look at the Emerald Bowl, Miami (FL) vs Cal: I just like the idea of a bowl game at AT&T Park. Are they selling the popcorn for this one?

oooh here's my favorite... the

Holiday Bowl, Oklahoma State vs Oregon: This game never disappoints! Imagine the score? Pick the over!! I can't wait to see them get it on! aw, who knows... for all I know OSU will clobber Oregon. They're men and they're (scoring) 40!!

and finally there's the

Capital One Bowl, Georgia vs Michigan State: This game ALSO never disappoints. Remember last year when the Wolverines upset Florida in this game? Michigan state could be due for a similar upset this time around. Michigan State isn't as bad as we think... and Georgia flat out ain't as good as we think either. The result: a very competitive game down to the wire!

and with my limited knowledge, THAT is our preview of Bowl Week, In the City...

When we return, we'll take a look at the NFL's teams to beat in the playoffs. That's coming up...

hoo boy, I have to do it, you guys... I can't help myself. In fact, go ahead and throw a shoe at me after listening to this break. oof... This is DAVE IN THE CITY

Break: Happy New Year (ABBA) <-- I know, I know...

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