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Dave in the City Transcript: Segment 4

Welcome back, "In the City." I'm Dave Medina.

This is it! The last of 2008. What a great year we had, here in sports. Now for the year in review... Most guys do countdowns, but who are we to judge? Instead, we'd like to offer you the moment of each month.


First, in January, how about the Giants playoff run? It was capped off by a thrilling game in Super Bowl XLII. Who could forget the big pass from Eli Manning to David Tyree?

The "other" Catch:


February was the month the NBA declared "WE ARE BACK!" It was punctuated by a spectacular Slam Dunk contest. First we had Gerald Green jump up to the hoop and blow out the candle!

Then, in an unforgettable show, Dwight Howard donned his cape and threw down like SUPERMAN... literally!


The NCAA Mens Basketball tournament was one to remember, but how about the way Kansas DOMINATED #1 UNC in the Final Four? Technically, this happened in April, but it was an amazing performance by the Jayhawks. Believe it or not, UNC actually made a huge comeback, cutting the lead to less than ten points before Kansas launched one final flurry to put the Tarheels away, 84-66.

But obviously, the highlight of the game was this:


The Mens Basketball national championship was particularly good. Mario Chalmers of Kansas tied the game on a 3 pointer with 2 seconds to go in regulation. Kansas and Memphis played a back and forth game that went to overtime. In the OT, Kansas pulled away and won the national championship.

Here's a look at that clutch 3 pointer:


May was a big month for Horse Racing. Big Brown furiously came from behind to win the 2008 Kentucky Derby in a bid to win the Triple Crown.

Here's the big race from May:

Sadly two things transpired. One, Big Brown suffered a chip in his hoof which kept him from winning the Preakness Stakes later that summer. Thus, Big Brown's bid was bombed. Secondly, another entrant of the Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles, broke both ankles during the race and had to be euthanized.


Welp, who could forget it? It was the Lakers facing the Celtics for the NBA Title, renewing rivalries of years past. The Celtics imposed their will and wouldn't let up, even in Game 4 when the Lakers blew a 20+ point lead. A fantastic finish for the Celtics and Kevin Garnett, but also a bitter end to an otherwise very impressive Lakers campaign.

Games 4 and 6 are very tough to take, so I REFUSE to post any footage. Instead, I present the KG interview after the Celtics clinched the title:

I'll be honest: It was great to see Garnett display so much pure emotion that night.


All Star Game graced Yankee Stadium for the last time, in "old" Yankee Stadium's final season. First, Josh Hamilton set the new single round record for Home Runs in the Home Run Derby. Then, the AL and NL went to extra innings, featuring great plays all around. The AL won the event in the 15th inning when Michael Young hit a sacrificy fly to score Justin Morneau from 3rd base.

It was a great week for baseball!

Hamilton monster shot at HR Derby:


In the Beijing Olympics, Michael Phelps took the swimming world by storm and swam to a record 8 Gold Medals. It was a show of brilliance that will be remembered for years to come. However, Phelps would have been finished if not for a furious comeback by one Jason Lezak in the Freestyle Relay against France.

In addition, Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin claimed several events in Womens Gymnastics. Liukin earned the honor of All Around Individual Champion, taking the Gold in the event. Johnson earned a gold herself in the Balance Beam competition.

Unfortunately, NBC forced out all the known evidence that Bela Karolyi bear hugged Bob Costas after Liukin's performance. What a bummer.


The Rays, forever known as the laughing stocks of MLB, rose up to the summit and beat the mighty Yankees and Red Sox to take the AL East crown. Do you believe in Miracles?? YES!!

The Rays were a great team in 2008, as Evan Longoria, Scott Kazmir, B.J. Upton, and the rest powerd the Rays to a 97-65 record. Needless to say, it was the Rays all time franchise record for wins.

Rays clinch a playoff berth:

Tampa Bay would go on to storm past the White Sox in the LDS, then beat out the Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS to make the World Series.


Phillies Fever! The losingest franchise in baseball, The Phillies, made 2008 *their* year by winning the World Series. In a minor upset, the Phils beat out the Tampa Bay Rays to win it all. The Phils took it in 5, which was halted by weather partially through the game and resumed the next night.

Who knew the Phillies had it in them?

Here's the clinching out recorded by closer Brad Lidge to clinch the title:


Texas Tech pulled an astounding win over in Lubbock, TX. On the Tech's last play from scrimmage the Red Raiders pulled ahead with a long touchdown pass from Graham Harrell to Michael Crabtree. The Red Raiders would go on to upset the then #1 Texas Longhorns, the biggest win in Texas Tech's franchise history.

Here's the Game Winning TD by Crabtree:


Alabama... Florida... the SEC Championship... The #1 ranked Crimson Tide's perfect season was ended in Atlanta when the Gators kept pace with Alabama and then pulled away. However, the Tide played a great game and earned numerous brownie points in the loss. The Gators would move on to a berth in the BCS Championship game.

Here are some highlights from the SEC Champsionship game:

2008 was full of surprises, excitiment and joy. It had its moments of truth, sadness, and hardship, but it was another good year that proved that there is no greater thrill than that of victory, and no harder agony than one of defeat in the world of sports.

So we end the year here in sports and "In the City" wondering what will 2009 bring? Will there be other great moments, and similar joy. Could there be more bitter defeats in the running. What awaits us in this new year?

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This is Dave, speaking for "Dave in the City." Merry Christmas everyone! We'll be back January 5, 2009. Have a great and happy holiday season, have a wonderful New Year... and I'll see YOU next yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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