Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Week 14: Dave's BLOCKS of the Week

Dave's (swish!)
LOCKS (fwish!)
of the Week (splish!)

Dave's LOCKS of the Week
Week 14

No big introduction this week, as we get right into the thick and the skinny! Ever notice how folks will say "we'll get to the thick of it" or "here's the skinny". Imagine, two opposite terms describing the same thing!

This is going to be a big week of desperation... TO THE PICKS!!

First let's go to Detroit, where the Lions have been tamed to play like little pussy cats. Oof... not good times for Detroit Fans... that is until they go to Joe Louis or the Palace. The Lions are at home to play the Vikings, and I think Vegas knows something we don't know. How is there no line for the game?? The game has been taken off the board!! Wow!!!!!!!!! All I can say is, if anybody's losing to the Lions it's the Minnesota Vikings. They have to be the most inconsistent team in the NFL, they have almost no passing game, and they really should have lost the first meeting with the Lions. That game was played in the Metrodome... THIS ONE will be played in the motor city. Take the Lions to win outright baby (no line)!!!

From cold and windy Detroit we go to... cold and windy Green Bay. The Packers are getting (-5.5) against the usually lousy Texans. The Packers really need this game. It's as simple as this: if they lose here, they're out of the playoffs. You can bet Green Bay will play the game of its life. No defense? No problem! The Texans will turn the ball over for them. Pack to cover (-5.5).

Now we fly from the Green Bay to the Rocky Mountain High in Denver, CO. The Broncos, having dominated the Jets last week are home to host the Chiefs. The Broncos got torched in the first meeting over in Arrowhead. This time, the Broncos, and the elusive to pick against the spread Chiefs, go at it again. Nothing here would surprise me. If the game was decided by a field goal, I'd almost expect it. I could even see the Chiefs winning 58-10. But today is gut check time for the Broncs.

On Thanksgiving Night, the Cardinals really needed to make a stand and go out and CLOBBER a struggling team. They folded like the big wusses they are, but the Broncos will fare much better. Denver is favored to win by (-9.0), and I'm gonna give it to them. The Broncos better not blow this one... they need to really dominate in order to build credibility. And I think they're gonna do it. Broncos cover the whole (-9.0) yards.

All three teams are on their way to Building Block wins... here on

Dave's (trickle)
LOCKS (boink)
of the Week (fwip!)

Here's to a big time Week 14!

Recap: Lions win at home (no line), Packers (-5.5) cover at home, Broncos (-9.0) cover at home

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