Friday, December 12, 2008


Well, its all over. Tomorrow will be our first Saturday since late August that there will be NO football on TV. Yikes! I mean, I have no clue what I’m going to do all day. Seriously…what do people do when there is no football on Saturdays? Do people actually go places on Saturday? That’s crazy! Maybe I can get some Christmas shopping done. Ugh! Anyways…

Without any college games there is a lack of compelling matchups this weekend to really focus on. Still, I’ll try to drum out a few.


Bucs/Falcons – Ok. I will admit it…I am openly rooting for the Falcons now. I have doubted them all season, but this is a very solid football team. I watched their game against the Saints last weekend and I was really impressed even though they lost. Matt Ryan has been amazing as a rookie. A win on Sunday and this team could be headed for the playoffs. Oh yeah…plus I hate the Bucs. Always have…can’t explain it. Go Falcons!!!

Lions/Colts – Last year at this team, the big debate around the NFL was “could a team really go undefeated through the regular season?” Yep…the Patriots did it (only, of course, to lose in the Super Bowl). THIS YEAR, the big question in the NFL is “could a team really go through a season without getting at least ONE win?” Yep..looks like it very well could happen. Poor Lions. This is what happens when you stick with a crappy GM (Matt Millen) for years and years for no logical reason (take note, SF Giants).

Steelers/Ravens – How surprising have the Ravens been? I thought the defense was getting too old and starting a rookie QB who played in I-AA College football last year was certainly going to be a recipe for disaster this year. Not so! Who would have guessed they would be playing the Steelers in December for the division lead? Not me. Expect this to be a low scoring, very physical football game.

Giants/Cowboys – Talk about two teams with tons of distractions. Geez. This could be the last stand for the Cowboys. A loss here could very well get very close to eliminating them from the playoffs. Meanwhile the Giants are trying to secure the #1 seed in the NFC. Games between these two always seem to be fun. Good game to end the weekend with.

So there you go. Sorry about missing last week (I had lots going on…my bad), but I did find you 4 good games to keep your eyes on this weekend. Enjoy the weekend everyone…

Oh…yeah…We are having a Christmas party on Saturday night. All my readers are invited. See you there, drink in hand…

Andrew Jacobsen

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