Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dave Meets Michael Jordan in his Sleep

All right, I couldn't resist posting this.

The other night, I was asleep at my parents house in Oxnard where I'm visiting for the week.   As I go to bed, I have a dream about being in a mall.   I get this beat up 1970s Cincinnati Reds cap signed by somebody, don't know who.   I'm walking around, then I'm in a different store.  Some guy in a suit comes up to me and says "Sir, I have a client that might be *really* interested in your cap." 

Right after, that a guy in sweats walks into the room.  It's Michael Freaking Jordan!!!   So he goes up to me and says "So how much do you want for it?"   I'm suddenly shaking and completely awestruck, and I have no idea what to say, then MJ leaves for a while and the agent guy tries to negotiate the price with me.   I think we were up to $4500 as the asking price.  Then I woke up.

I wonder if Jordan bought the cap?

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