Monday, December 3, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 3rd

Greetings fellas!  I downloaded the Blogger app and am now writing from my phone.  Do the dance!

Could not believe it's raining this morning!   I thought we were done on Sunday but here we are.

Congratulations to Alabama for winning the SEC.  The SEC Championship was a great game!   Georgia brought the goods, but Bama won out in the end.

And so... the BCS Title game will have Notre Dame and Alabama.   I think it will be a close one.   Two good defenses against each other. 

What a huge win for the Steelers yesterday at Baltimore.  I was pumped up!

Last month I came up with the idea of trading Pau Gasol.  Now everyone in the NBA has the same idea!   In fact it seems inevitable that he gets traded by February.  The only problem is, if Dwight Howard walks in the offseason, L.A. is screwed!


Here's part two of the two part blog post.  I'm writing the second half of it here on the computer.   Writing on a phone is markedly slower because I want to make sure I don't make any typographical errors.   I can already tell that the lines were shorter because I was writing conservatively not wanting to make a mistake. know where I'm going with this?  YESTERDAY'S 49ers GAME!   In what universe does it make sense to specifically play for a 53 yard field goal in overtime?   What kind of a scared boneheaded coach do you have to be?  And that's what the now overrated Jim Harbaugh did on Sunday in overtime.   Who does this?!   You can't expect David Akers to kick a 50+ yard field goal after what he's been through this year.  You can't!   You definitely can't on the road!!   Conservative coaching rarely wins and in St. Louis yesterday, it failed miserably.  You would think rah rah Harbaugh would learn, but I would bet you 100 donuts he won't.

Speaking of, well, sweet things, I have a little story to tell you guys from Souplantation.  I think it was Thursday night and my buddy and I were chowing down on some soup and salad.  Then we switched to the desserts and here's the thing:  Souplantation is getting really stingy with the cookies.  You used to see the guy with the cookies come up to you maybe 2 or even 3 times during the evening.   You never missed him.  Lately, the cookies guy was coming to you way less.   In addition you could always go to the soup counter and ask the guys in the kitchen for cookies.

So I used to go up and ask "got any cookies?"  Then I got a plate of cookies.  It was great!  Lately, I'd go up, ask "Got any cookies?" and I'd get the runaround.  "Oh go check with the waiter guy."  "We don't have the cookies but they'll offer some to you."   By Thursday I didn't bother going up to the counter.   Later, I picked up some soft serve and molten chocolate cake and I go over to my buddy at the table.   He asks "you going to ask for cookies?" and then I went into this long rant about how Souplantation was getting stingy with the cookies.   Then, as I ate into the ice cream and cake I said "You know what?!  I don't even need cookies!  This cake and ice cream is good enough right here."

--As soon as I said that, a guy with an enormous pile of cookies comes up and asks if I want cookies.   ...I accepted.  

I believe that is all for now.  Have a good day everyone!

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