Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 4th

Jersey Mike's is a great sandwich shop!  Who else makes such a great roast beef hoagie or hero from coast to coast?   Delicious.  On Mondays they have a $1 off regular subs and $2 off large subs.   Big fan.

Well... the rain in Los Angeles is now over.  Glad to see sunlight again.  Glad to not have to lug an umbrella.   It's nice out, actually.

Last night I saw a video on how to make a Fritos Chili Pie.  That thing looked so unhealthy... not a single ingredient in there is relieved of saturated fat.  Damn does it look good, though!

Great win for the Redskins!  Washington now has a shot at the playoffs...  maybe they can get a fifth or sixth seed.   The franchise is making a move, fellas..

MLB offseason means: more chances for the Dodgers to overpay for someone.  I love it.

I still don't have my Christmas Tree yet!   Is it too late?  I don't think so.  This week will be the week.   I'm looking forward to getting it, at last.  Bear in mind, I live in a 1 bd apartment, so it won't be a very large tree.  Instead, I get a baby tree and put it onto a stand.   Even a baby tree is big on water.   I fill up the tray with about a gallon of water and it's usually half empty within a week.  Little things like that remind me that even trees are living organisms.  Mad respect.

I thought it was going to settle down here at work, but it seems be getting worse.  Completely did not expect it!  However, in about a week, all of this hubub will be gone.   That will be a great day!  

I haven't had much to think about most of this week.  Most of my research has been about the Beatles.  For example, today I learned Ringo Starr is a vegetarian, but for medical reasons.   Never knew that!

Restraint is the toughest thing.   What you need to do when saving money is to refuse frivolent purchases.   Buy that expensive 10 album box set?   No need!  You can listen to the same albums for free on Spotify.*

*certainly, the Spotify stream won't have the same sound quality as the carefully manufactured CD's or pure analog LP's but you also get 80% of the sound quality for not even 1 percent of the price.  

Any ideas for holiday movies this year?  I've *seen* all the classic ones, and all the new age ones.  The only ones I missed, in my recollection, are Miracle on 34th Street, a Christmas Story, and believe it or not, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

It'd be pretty neat if one of the theaters nearby was running Holiday Films.   I bet the Aero is on the scent!

For the Christmas break, I may consider spending the whole week with family.   I may need a break from THIS place.  It's either that or a Vegas getaway.  It'd cost about the same in my humble view.  Maybe I should go for it!   I'd love to try my hand at more blackjack.  

That's all for the moment; short entry today.  Have a good one!

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