Monday, December 10, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 10th

Season's Greetings from Dave in the City!

Oh it's getting exciting now!  We're about two weeks away from Christmas Eve.  Christmas shopping is a little behind but we made some good progress this weekend.

You'd be surprised how many useful ideas they have at Target.   Without even thinking about it, I found some great coffee cups, travel mugs, kitchen utilities, and much more all within the same general section.   I found an Avengers travel mug and a Star Wars coffee set.   Then there were the Marvel pint glasses and some shot glasses, although I didn't buy those.  All of this plus the popcorn at the front of the store makes Target a great store.

I missed almost the entire NFL schedule this week due to my help moving my sister into her new apartment.  It was a good good day, albeit tiring.  Her apartment is in my home town of Oxnard, an hour away from where I live.  I didn't get home until 9:45 last night.

Still shocked at how that Pacquiao fight ended.   We had the fight on in my Dad's house during his birthday party and a bunch of his friends came over to celebrate, then watch the fight.  Honestly, I was getting so tired of Pacquiao fights.   Pacquiao goes after one tomato can, then another tomato can and rips the guy to shreds.  Furthermore, I felt like he was a bit of a bully fighter.  He had a lot of tremendous qualities, including his general humility out of the ring, but I never felt like he got tested much.   Marquez was one of his best opponents, but I really thought Marquez would have nothing left for Fight #4.

First of all, who does a FOURTH of anything in boxing???   Is Boxing really out of ideas?  Has the talent pool gotten so bad we're now turning to third sequels.  Unreal.  Anyway, I said, Marquez and Pac Man are going to get into this long drawn out dull boxing match for 12 rounds.  What can you expect from two guys who were past their prime and looking their age?

Instead we got the best boxing match of the last three rounds and a fury that I was not prepared for.  Both guys were just wailing at each other, multiple knockdowns and then Marquez got bloodied to a pulp by Round 6.  Round starts... and Pac Man is just touching up his face left and right.  I went "The Ref has gotta stop this fight!  Marquez is done!!!"  I thought Marquez was going to get his whole face ripped off.  If you saw the fight you'd see what I mean... I don't even know how he stayed on his feet.  THEN, out of nowhere, he launches this hook and he put in like 39 years worth of strength into this thing and the dude smacked Pacquiao squarely in the face.   Pac Man plopped straight down onto the canvas, cold.   I was shocked!  Pac Man didn't move for five minutes, I thought he was dead!

Thus ended one of the greatest fights in modern boxing history.  I don't know what Pacquiao has left.. probably nothing.  As for Juan Manuel Marquez, he proved his point.  He has had the better of Pacquiao in these bouts, end of story.

That was the extent of my sports watching this weekend.  I not only missed the entire NFL schedule (aside from a few plays here and there), but I missed the Lakers game Sunday evening.

People are ripping the Lakers again.  Honestly, unless there's some major format change for the NBA playoffs where only the top four teams in each conference make the playoffs, LA has nothing to worry about.  In fact, I've been seeing better bench play lately.  Jordan Hill and Jodie Meeks have played some pretty good ball.   Not even a guy like me could curse the Lakers out of the playoffs.  In the West, a .500 team still makes the playoffs and if the Lakers finish with that record, that's pretty much all you need.

I also see a ten game winning streak in this team.   The schedule has been very top heavy: imagine that the Lakers just played the Nets, Spurs, Thunder, Pacers, Jazz, Grizzlies, and Clippers.  All of these teams are solid playoff teams and all of those games were played in the span of a month.  That can only mean that easier opponents are on the way.  Those easier opponents will offer more time for the Lakers to sort out their defensive communication and pick and rolls on offense.  People are begging for me to do a big rant on the Lakers, and I can't within my conscience yell about this.  I just don't think they're that bad a team.   I don't want to be dishonest with myself and start ripping Laker players left and right.

Congratulations to Johnny Manziel for winning the Heisman Trophy!  I'm pumped up.  That's all from here.  Catch you all soon.

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