Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 11th

Time flies does it not?  We're almost half way through December now!

I can't believe how little the Texans brought to the table last night.  That game against the Patriots was embarrassing.   The Texans should be appalled at how weak they looked out there last night.  It seems to be like the bigger the spotlight, the worse they play.   I thought this time it would be different.  NO!!  Same old Texans.

People have a great time trying to figure out what song lyrics mean.  Some of them are so opaque they're impossible to figure out.  My favorite one was Nik Kerhsaw's "The Riddle."   The best part was that Kershaw *intentionally* wrote random lyrics that made no sense.  Rather than attempt to tweak them into a coherent narrative, he left it alone and went with it.  People all over the globe were busting their brains trying to solve "the meaning" of the song.  The truth was, there was no meaning whatsoever.  That was a hoot!

In fact, I believe the ending theme to "WKRP in Cincinnati" was precisely the same design:  gibberish used to get a feel for the song that became the actual words to the song itself.   Enjoy:

I had a riddle of my own and I botched it:  This morning for breakfast I tried to choose between coffee and orange juice.  My heart wanted the OJ and my brain wanted the coffee because it was cold today.   I got the coffee... it was ok, but I'm now yearning for orange juice again.

I ask you, friends: Souplantation's Cream of Turkey soup with the stuffing -- does it get any better?

I wonder what that "ask for an outrageous request and get turned down on video" guy is up to today?

Haha, I like it!

I have a hard drive at work that has been scanning sectors for 15 days.  FIFTEEN DAYS.  It did not take this long to render individual frames for CGI for the Jurrassic Park movie in 1993.  Goodness gracious.

Anyone remember working with computer rending in the 90's?   Back in high school, with meager Pentium PCs (if that), we did a science presentation and my group and I, who were friends, generated this glossy 3D text opening.  But on a PI or PII, this thing took literally days to render into a video file.  It would formulate the text, the lighting, and position one frame at a time but the graphics in play back then were complicated enough to make the computer work overtime to get it right.   I think it was something like 2-4 hours to render a single frame at high quality.   "High Quality" of course was like, 320x240!  Oh man... how did Lucasfilm do it?

Welp, I think that's all today.  It's a chill day, hopefully a chill swim as well.  Still sore from the move... a swim should loosen the joints.  Catch you all tomorrow.

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