Sunday, December 30, 2012

More adventures in dreams...

I've learned in life that many of my dreams are connected to things I thought of or did earlier that day.

Last night, no exception.   This time no celebrities, but a colleague of mine was involved.   I had been thinking of the 1972 USA Olympic Swim Team and the respective finals, yeah that includes Spitzy, but anyway, I go to bed and suddenly...

...I'm at the site of U.S. Masters Nationals and there's a friend of mine who's about to swim the 100 free.   Now in real life she's very very fast with freestyle and is a lifeguard as well.  So she's there, wearing a USA Flag themed suit and I wished her good luck and said, "Hope you break your personal record!"   Then she starts busting it at the race, and the memory is foggy here but I think she got an all time best swim!

That was such a great dream, so sad I had to wake up.

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