Friday, December 7, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 7th

Hello all...

I don't want to do anything today.  Typical Friday mentality.

A friend of mine, Andy in Seattle, recommended the Christmas Blend to me and other friends.   I too am a big fan of Starbucks' Christmas Blend.  It's so bountiful and robust.  I don't even know what they put in it, but it's amazing.

I'm glad to be done with LOCKS of the Week this year.  I really thought I had a good year, then I *had* to go and bet money on four games which matched my LOCKS of the Week.   From that week up to now, LOCKS went 2-10.  What a disastah!!!!!

I still have yet to get my Christmas tree, but I have a conundrum.  I could either a) go get the Christmas tree or b) watch Lakers/Thunder.   And stupid ESPN, they put the game on at 6:30 when normally they'd play at 5pm or 5:30 Pacific Time for a game at OKC.   Oi.  The Christmas Tree shop at Home Depot closes at 10pm.  If I were to commit to the Lakers game, it would end at 9pm on the dot, and I'd get about a 20-30 min window to buy trees (factoring the 20 min it takes to get to the nearby Home Depot).

It's not that big a deal, but the real problem is that I should have gotten the tree a few days ago.   My bad.

BY THE WAY, this was my first 3-swim week in nearly a month.  I felt really good out there although last night's rare Thursday swim was pretty grueling.  All in all, I feel more fit now, and I need it because I picked up a little baggage between Thanksgiving and this week.

In keeping with ideas and plans, I was wondering whether to get Souplantation tonight.  In December they roll out the Cream of Turkey soup and let me tell you, it is delicious.  They package some turkey stuffing to go with it.  OH!  Tremendous.

I'm way behind in Christmas shopping, but to be fair, my shopping list is larger than others.  As part of a large family it's a bigger list so I've been trying to space it out but other plans postpone the shopping trips.   In due time I will have everything ready.

Here's how much of a clown I am... I got a Black Friday special at that I may not be able to use.   When I was at my Parents' on Thanksgiving Weekend, I had a tough time getting on the internet.  I panicked, and bought a new wirless router for them as an Anniversary Present.   Then, as I realized how long it would take to ship, I decided to go in another direction.  As that happened, the internet started working fine and I realized the router made no sense.  Now I have a new WiFi router at my apartment with no apparent person to give it to.  Most people I know already have a WiFi router and few of them are tech savvy enough to appreciate a new one.  It's very weird.  I have no idea what to do with it.  I may just return it instead.

I'm calling it right here:  The Lakers are beating Oklahoma City tonight.  You can bet that nobody in the media will give the Lakers a chance, and you know what?   L.A. is going to use their length to shut down Durant and Ibaka and Sepholosha.   Jodie Meeks might show reasonable resistance to the Thunder's talented backcourt, even Russell Westbrook and his improved jump shot.  Why NOT the Lakers?   All I am saying... is give Peace (and Kobe and Howard) a chance.

R.I.P.  John Lennon.  Even though I never saw him in concert while he was living, I appreciate all he has done for our planet.  1980 was a terrible year, with exceptions.

That's all for now, have a great weekend!

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