Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 13th

12-12-12: the Concert was a very enjoyable experience.   There were definitely some high profile musical acts all night long, and LONG it was.   The concert started at 7:30 East and finished at nearly 1:30 AM East.

I thought the event was very well produced.   Nobody tried to do too much.  There were some hits and some misses (for instance, Billy Joel's set... no Piano Man?), but all went well in my opinion.  Hopefully the concert raised tons of dollars for Sandy Relief efforts via the Robin Hood fund.

So!  Now we return to the topics at hand.  Sadly, the Lakers are among them.  The Knicks are playing great basketball, they have good defense, and a decently working group.   That's just a good basketball team and they get to entertain the giant flaming trainwreck that is the Lakers.  Fantastic.  I expect literally nothing from this game.  In fact, it might be for the best if the Knicks put this one away early, like, by 20 points.

It probably won't happen because even though the Knicks are a pretty active team, they aren't very young in the backcourt.  The team is being led by Jason Kidd as Point Guard.   I'm trying to remember if there were any other slashers and three point guys aside from Shumpert and J.R. Smith.  Even at that, Shumpert is a defensive specialist and Smith is more of a spot-up guy, but a pretty good spot up guy.

The backcourt matchup actually works for the Lakers.   Now to see if LA's guys can shoot, which hasn't come consistently.  I won't get my hopes up.

Every day in life is full of surprises and even now I can be blown away by facts I could not conceive.  Last night, my friend Kevin on the Cape told the story of his first rock concert: a Billy Joel concert at the old Brendan Byrne Arena.  I never would have guessed Billy Joel as his first concert, not ever, but his Dad took him there years ago when he was 11.   It's a tremendous story.

Why can't UCLA have better coffee?  This is my fault for not re-upping on K-Pod cups for my Keurig machine, but when I'm in a pinch it would be nice if UCLA were to strike a deal with Starbucks or Coffee Bean to let the experts do the coffee.  Instead, they insist on going it alone, and it's not that great.  It wasn't that great at UCSB either.  The whole UC System is beholden to low grade, cheap, lame coffee.

There is ONE other brand of coffee, and it's even cheaper than that, over at the small restaurant counter.  It's called "Douwe Egberts" coffee.  You'll find it at Wendy's, Gas Stations, and many other low priced outlets around the country.  It is TERRIBLE.   If coffee could be neutered, it would be Douwe Egberts.  What kind of name is "Douwe Egberts" anyway?  For two whole years I mispronounced the name as "DOUBLE Eggberts".  Oi.

I've eaten Papa John's pizza every meal since Tuesday night.   It's really starting to wear on me, but I try to limit myself to about 2 slices each meal, maybe just one in some cases.   But eating the same THING over and over takes its toll, but this is the price I pay for trying to save money...  It's working!  I only paid 15 bucks and I took care of 1 meal on Tuesday, 3 meals on Wednesday, and 2 more today, plus another two on Friday.  15 bucks over 8 meals equals roughly $1.75 a meal.  

Happy Thursday to ya.  Back tomorrow!

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