Monday, December 17, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 17th

A few quick thoughts for the day, here we go...

Anyone want to go fly a pig?   Who and I mean WHO would have guessed that the 49ers would go into New England and lock down the Patriots for 3 quarters and even despite 28 unanswered points afterward, still beat the Pats at Gillette?  *Who???*   What a huge win for the 49ers.  I was amazed, shocked, perplexed, impressed, you name it.

I saw a sign on the way back from swim today:  "R.I.P. Mr. Butter."   It was paying tribute to a dog, I think, that died from cancer.   So sad, no?   In tribute, I posted the same line on facebook and twitter.

Boy did the Bears fall apart.  What a joke.    You know?  It'd be nice if *one* of the teams I put confidence in starts to deliver when I expect them to.   I was so big on the Bears about five weeks ago, and I even said as much on the podcast.  Then THIS happens.    Chicago really showed their true colors this month.  Yeah, that's right THEY ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!!

Lovie Smith is done... if he doesn't go at season's end, the Bears will become the football version of the Cubs.

Speaking of falling apart, the same thing happened to the Ravens... oooohhhh ho ho, did they get exposed!    Injuries, sure.  Coaching, sure.   On the other hand, I don't think the Ravens are very good.  

The worst part of that is you now have to put an asterisk (and you know how much I love those "*'s") on the Steelers win at Baltimore a week ago.  Unbelievable.   Then the Steelers go out and lose at Dallas although I think they played very well.

What killed PIT was the mental mistakes.  I'm starting to wonder if Mike Tomlin is that good a coach.  The same stupid mistakes keep happening, over and over.  Tomlin might be overrated, and it's really difficult for me to say that because I think coaching stability is key.

Folks, if you like chicken, and you like freshly cut fries, you will LOVE Dino's Burgers.  I re-acquainted myself with Dino's on Saturday after about 12 years without eating it.   Dino's chicken plate with the fries and the tortillas and coleslaw is truly an LA classic.   The best part is it's only 6 bucks!  Yet, it's so much food, half a chicken, that I was stuffed for a good 14 hours.

Then, it got better, after a trip to a new record store (an ironic term seeing that they sell only used records), I went to Porto's Bakery and picked up many goodies:  an oatmeal raisin cookie, coffee, some cheese rolls, a red velvet cupcake, and the tour de force: two Cuban Style potato balls.   A potato ball is basically a breaded ball of potato with some meat stuffed in the middle.  You haven't lived until you've had potato balls.  Could not even *believe* how good they were.  I shall return again, my friends.

To think: I had a day like this for eating and I had the audacity to wonder why I felt a little heavy this morning, but let's hear it for swimming, in that respect.

The best memes in life are ones that take a life of their own.  In fact, you could say the best memes or trends happen by accident.   I live for those moments.

Farewell for now, have a good one everyone.

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