Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: December 20th

We are within 5 days of Christmas... and we are within 25 hours of total annihilation.   Yay?

I was, in fact, pretty scared even though people said I shouldn't be, about the 12/21/12 date.   This year, I lived out the "live each day as if it were your last" adage.  I took trips to far away places, I did impromptu visits to certain locales.  I placed bets that I had no right doing.  I saw the sights and did what I did.

With all of that said and done, one thing remains:  Make a dive off a 10m platform.

This one may not happen -- there may not be enough time.  Yet, I've always wanted to make a good olympic dive off the 10m platform.   I gotta tell you, though, every 2-3 months I have a dream that involves me making a dive off the olympic sized platform.

I don't even know how I'd go about getting this chance.   It's not like they have "Masters Diving" programs.   It's an unusual situation.

Let me simmer in that idea while broaching other subjects:

Gingerbread Lattes are amazing.

Microsoft does an awful job designing Operating Systems.  When a good one comes out, it's usually the result of fixing a huge chunk of a previous one that tanked.  Example: Windows 7... think of Windows 7 as like a giant re-do of the POS Windows Vista.  It was great!  Windows 2000, awesome OS... that was damage control for the abysmal Windows ME.

That brings us to Windows 8.    It just feels like all kinds of things could go wrong.  The Start Button reminds me of a smartphone gone wrong.  It's not even a "button" anymore, it takes up the whole screen.   Once you get past that it looks like an updated Win 7 desktop.  Nonetheless, it just looks insane.  How are people who don't know computers going to use something like this?  Have fun with that, Microsoft.

For some bizarre reason I was jonesing for theater style popcorn yesterday.

Maybe the Nets are playing in over their heads after all, but I do think the Knicks are here to stay.

I had *no* idea Duke Basketball was #1.  I expect them to be pretty good but Number One?  I haven't even seen them play a game yet this year.

People laughed at UCLA last month, but in February I still think UCLA B-Ball is going to be legit.  Better than Cal!  Good ole Cal...

Who would see a movie about Seth Rogen as the son of an old Barbara Streisand?   Do people *think* at these Movie Studios?

You ever go to a party where one of the guys starts shouting "OK WE'RE GOING TO DO THE GIFT EXCHANGE NOW GET IN YOUR POSITIONS DO THIS DO THAT.  OK WE'RE GOING TO CUT THE CAKE NOW, TAKE YOUR SEATS.  OK WE'RE GOING TO DO KARAOKE AT EXACTLY 8:07!" like that?   People who are that bossy about a stinkin' party must be a real boar of a person to deal with in regular life too.  

Why would anyone bring generic sodas to a big wig party?   Actually, I think I know why... it's a big "IN YO' FACE" from people who resent the idea of having to *serve* big-wigs in a party that was supposed to be for them instead.  This year, our group was forced to wear name tags.  What does that say?  Wow!

When I get pants as a gift from family the pants are way too tight at the thighs.  Almost always.   Over the years I've begged my family not to purchase clothes for that reason.    They must think I'm one of those scrawny hipsters over at Echo Park or Hancock Park or Highland Park or one of those "Parks."  Fellas with plaid shirts and oversized glasses who go onto twitter and try to get "#ifmovietitleswerehonest" trending (gag).   I know my family means well, but my destiny is not that of a hipster... my thighs are, and always have been, larger than the width of a tetherball pole.   Once you wash those tight jeans they become almost impossible to wear.  I like the loose fitting jeans much more.

I actually want to recommend "loose fitting jeans" to my family but I keep forgetting... aw well, that's on me.

As we approach Christmas Week, I want to announce that I'll also be taking a break from the blog, but I might potentially jump in with a quick line or two during the break.  Regular blogging will resume in January, and with it will come predictions that you know and love.

Hope all is well with you and Season's Greetings!  One last blog post tomorrow and then we vacay.  'til then!

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