Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 10th


That was a lot of Mothers Day shopping at Target last night.  It was good... productive.  Much longer than I thought it would be.  Five mothers!   I'm not cursing, I shopped for five relatives for Mothers Day.  My mom, my Grandma, my Sister, my Aunt, and my other Grandma.

I thought I was going to have that all figured out in a half hour but it was challenging to find all the things I wrote down from the Target website.  I have to be more careful.  Some of the products at the Target website are not available at the store.   I finally figured it all out, but two hours at the store solid.

It's all worth it!   Tonight is a big sports night whereas yesterday was a dead sports night.  Kings tonight to (possibly) win the series.  Warriors at home on ESPN to take command of the Semis against the Spurs.   Lots going on in sports.

You ever hear the commercials for Mothers Day?  They all say "get her flowers!"  I'm not a "get her flowers" guy.   Oooh look at the purty flowers!  Then, three days later they're all wilted.   I like to go after something more tangible which lasts longer.

This year:  a bunch of cool little gadgets, CDs, and other fun presents.  I think our Mothers of the family will really enjoy them.

One of the gifts is a new CD from Justin Timberlake.  Pretty good disc they say!   Glad to have found it at the Target.

As you know, I can't get through a trip to Target without the requisite popcorn and soda.   I went over to the counter to get one before I continued shopping, saw the guy about to wrap up work at the counter, disinterested, and I checked with him to make sure there was still time to get the popcorn.  He said there was so I went after it.

Oh it was good, but when you get the popcorn and the soda together it takes up both of your arms.   How do you push the cart?  I worked out a system: the cart was pushed with my elbows and then I would just use my tongue to stick to the popcorn kernels and put them in my mouth from the bag.   I would *never* do this if I was sharing the popcorn with someone else, but on my own it's a good time-saver.

After I got all the gifts I got to my car and left Target.   I drove by the Sizzler restaurant once again, channeling memories of my youth.  They used to have Sizzler all over California -- then they went bankrupt.  But, in the days I was there, I loved going to their unlimited salad bar.  It had the taco stand and the shrimp and the chicken nuggets and the Mac and Cheese.  Those were good days.

Does anyone remember the really thick slice of cheesy garlic bread at Sizzler.   I'm too scared to read the nutritional info on that thing.  I'm estimating 800 calories and 92 grams of fat?  Ohhh but it was *goooooooooood.*

My buddy John aka "Bread" is in town this week!   He's having a blast with his pop, who's also in town.  Yesterday, they went to Disneyland.  He sent me this line by text, it was a riot!!

"Why does california adventure have a fake hollywood?  Real hollywood is like an hr away!"

Hahahahahahahah, I never thought of that!

Well here it is -- Game 6 tonight at Staples Center.  What's my move?  Penalty Box Bar at ESPN Zone?  Go to the game at Staples?  Go to a Buffalo Wild Wings or Tony P's sports bar?  or, Stay at home and watch the game there?   Any one of those moves are good moves.   I will let my conscience be my guide.

One thing I'm dying to try, Kings or no Kings, is the kebab selection at this place that's been around a year or two called "Flame International Cuisine" right on SM Blvd. near my place.    It looks tremendous *and* they said that the steak there is phenomenal.  Worth a shot.

Have you been noticing this weekly tradition on Twitter called #throwbackthursday ?   Feels like a ruse to me, fellas.  As if, some guy found a lot of old pictures sitting around on his computer and was bored enough to post them on twitter.  Then he said "It's Thursday!  I'll call it Throwback Thrusday."  Now all sorts of people post old pictures on Thursdays.  Let me tell you: when Thursday rolls around, the last thing on my mind is old photographs.   To be fair, the first thing on my mind is cookies.

Anyway, as a joke, I invented #todaythursday .  I posted a pic of myself from zero minutes ago.  I wrote that what I was getting for lunch *that* day.  We may have a hit on our hands...

The others are big on their old pictures, but I wouldn't mind some *new* pictures from the likes of Katy Perry.   Let's make it happen, America.

I gotta settle down with some of the things on my mind.  I'm only one bad turn and several decades away from being another Andy Rooney.  Nobody wants that.


Ooh, I know what my breakfast will be on Saturday: a bagel with lox spread at NYBD.   That is a good time waiting to happen.

Speaking of "good times..." I might go crazy if the Kings win this thing tonight.    Cookies for everybody!  Wild drinks... maybe some dancing.   --now they'll lose.   I'm extremely worried about what happens if they lose.

If the Kings lose tonight, I bet game 7 is as good as a loss too.  Don't sell the Blues short!

I learned what a "chode" was last night by looking it up.    Oi.

Incidentally, does that constitute a unit in the upright position or the rested one?

Next time you go to In-N-Out Burger:  Double Double (or Double Meat), Animal Style, Extra Pickles.  It's the best, try it!

I applied for an extra job at In-N-Out.   Why I did it, well, I thought it'd be a fun idea, and a good way to spend extra evenings.   I could use the money too.   I don't know if they'd want to hire me though... I could only work nights and some weekends.  There's an In-N-Out location adjacent to the UCLA Campus, so if i really had to, I could fit it into the schedule.   I'm intrigued.  I've not worked at a fast food restaurant before, but it's not as if it's glamorous work, am I right?

I swear, this would only be a summer gig.  Once football season starts, I'll quit the job, in theory. 

Friday is indeed here.  Enjoy it everyone!  Catch you all after the weekend.

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