Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 3rd

First of all, I apologize to all of you who follow the blog.  I didn't have time to write an entry yesterday.  I hope the previous posts were able to get you by in the meanwhile.


I wanted to cry after yesterday's Kings game.    I shouldn't do that... its ridiculous.  What does a Kings fan have to be sad about?   They had such an amazing run from last April up to now.  There's nothing to be ashamed of.

but what a bleeping terrible two outcomes this week.    Kings played so hard and some fluke and one bonehead moment decides both games.  It's just so whack... but thats mostly a credit to the Blues for giving the Kings nothing, and I mean NOTHING to work with in the STL zone.   I mean if you can't score on that then when are the Kings ever going to get their break?

Answer, they wont.  The Kings had no answer for the Blues' fourth line and Brown, Kopitar, and Carter have ALL BEEN HELD TO A !@$!%@(*  DONUT!!!!   I would say "this is a disgrace" but I deserve it.   I screwed with the time space continuum and this is what I deserve.  The Kings might win one more game this coming week.  Maybe they don't.  But whatever happens, they can't take the 2012 cup away from us. with that in mind, life isn't all bad.

This week has been brutal in another sense.  My friend Ottis isn't with us anymore.  I don't want to explain what happened but he's gone.  He's gone and he isn't coming back.

My heart's just not in this anymore.  He loved this blog.  He loved reading and reacting and even laughing at it.   It always motivated me to write more blog entries.  In fact, the essence of this daily blog presence was HIS idea!  It was his suggestion to try a forum beyond what I was already doing on Twitter and Facebook.

Dude was a riot... it's just not the same.  Yeah I can't let go, I know some of you find this annoying but life goes on.  I'll move on now.

Look, right now I'm just so upset with the Kings... it's going to cloud the rest of my judgement and attitude of today's entry.   I was really hoping for something more interesting than two games where they couldn't score a lick!  Give me a break!!!  Do we really think they'll bring anything better to the table in games 3 and 4?  The Blues figured the Kings out.  Stack everybody back and subtract the Kings' scoring chances.   Take a lead and keep everyone in your own zone and control the neutral zone.  The Kings were actually better at staying out of their OWN zone tonight but they cannot... score... to... save... their lives.  Even the goal they got was a gift:  a 5 on 3 powerplay goal by Carter (I think).

I'm not "giving up", but I also see the facts... and the facts is, they've been just awful with the forecheck aside from a handful of good chances between games 1 and 2.  Quick can only do so much.  Geez, give him some help!

A little life?!   Will you please?!

 I'm frustrated.  The Lakers are a joke... the Dodgers are a joke... now they got a little better, but they're an injury a minute.  Steelers look pretty good with the draft but NFL season is months away. 

When I get to the office today, Friday, my buddy at the office, a Blues fan and a Missouri native, and an Asian dude who's a Missouri native is pretty far out.  Anyway, he's going to ride me pretty good today, I can feel it... I mean I'm not looking forward to the next 24 hours at all.

THEN, tonight!  It's his birthday celebration thing... he and a bunch of his friends and I are meeting at a Korean BBQ restaurant in Torrance.   Man he's gonna rib me pretty good, fellas.

btw, I hope it's all right to use his name on this space, but I can't resist.  His name is "Drake."  Remember in Seinfeld they had a guy called "the Drake?" and they would always say "Got to looooooooooooooove the Drake!"  I thought that was funny.

You know?   Drake's beloved Blues got their ass handed to them a year ago by the Kings in four straight.   I can't get too upset in actuality, because the Blues really needed a bone.   Still, if the Blues go on to a sweep (and what's indicated that they wouldn't at this point?), their fans will go nuts... BUT.  I wouldn't call it "revenge" just yet.   "Ohhh we got you so good, after you destroyed all the other NHL teams, won the cup and then made it back to the playoffs" would be the taunt by St Louis fans.  Hee hee... oh man they really have us now... 

Some people have pets, and I have audio equipment.  I've had a Harman Kardon Twin Powered Vintage 430 model stereo receiver I took out of storage and used in my bedroom.  Boy does that thing sound good.  In light of my impending move, I thought it'd be a good idea to sell it for decent money.  I got an good offer, but now I have the realization that I"m losing my baby.

It's like losing a beloved dog.  Maybe you dont pay a whole lot of attention to it, with it in the corner, but you  always knew it was there.  Now, I'm about to say goodbye.   It brought such good sound to me... spectacular visuals with its cool backlit green toner dial.   It's red "stereo" pilot light.  It was a dream.

However, I already have a primary stereo in my living room and I can't bring both units to Coach's apartment.  It's impractical.  I would only ever use one.  Farewell Harman Kardon Stereo.  I'm really going to miss you.

I mean, maybe I could have sold the primary stereo as well but its pretty new!  It's also a terrific stereo, nay, surround sound receiver.   Hard to pass that up.

I have a few other things to sell.  Some speakers and stands.  Some CD and DVD players.   A few other knick knacks.  Its time to clean this place out.  On Saturday, I intend to trash all the extra papers, boxes, and clothes I have.  It's going to be a time of serious cleansing.

I'm depressed.  Times are changing.  I hope I'm ready for them.  On that note, have a good weekend all!

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