Monday, May 20, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 21st

Happy Birthday to my wonderful "little" sister, who's now not so little...   she's an adult nowadays... but glad she's doing well.  I gotta remember to call her later.  She's working hard, taking classes and so on.

Well look what we have here!   Detroit is leading the West Semis 2-1 over the 1st seeded Blackhawks!  I had a feeling they'd make it interesting.  Is this a wake up call for the Hawks?  Is this a sign of other things to come for the Red Wings?  This series has so many layers, it's full on excitement.  Loving every second...

I'm poised and ready to go -- to the penalty box, at ESPN Zone, or someplace similar for tonight's game.

One place that seems to sound so right to me is the Buffalo Wild Wings in Burbank but it... is... so... far... to get to on a Weeknight.  Doesn't seem to add up.

I might consider Tony P's give the Westside some extra love, as it is my homeland.   We'll play it hour by hour and see how it goes.  It all -- as you know -- depends on traffic.

Why in the heck did I eat 20 Chicken McNuggets last night?  How could I be such a big moron?   Ten was good enough. TWENTY?  Oiiii....

I'm going to be lugging around those extra ten mcnuggets in my belly all day.  Hopefully I can swim some of it off.  Yeesh...

This was bad to wait so long to write this but unspeakable tragedy over in Oklahoma with a monstrous tornado that's decimated entire neighborhoods and claimed dozens of lives.  Just awful... I feel terribly for the people of Oklahoma this week.  I hope everyone out there can get through this somehow.

I cringe trying to address subjects like that, because it would be so easy to sound trite and derivative with such sentiments.  I always wonder how sincere other radio and TV hosts are when they express sorrow or regret for a national/international tragedy.   Sometimes you wonder if they say "what unspeakable tragedy and horror" because they feel they're obligated to say it or if they mean it.   It's hard to judge because, they're hosts after all, and sometimes a little acting is involved.  Hopefully it's sincere.

It's always nice, in moments like this, to see big names like Matt Kemp, a Oklahoma native, step up and put his money where his mouth is.  He's donating 1000 dollars to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado for every home run he hits until the All-Star Break.   He just hit one last night, so already, he's 1000 bones in.  Wow!  Good for Matt Kemp!   He's really practiced more goodwill out of his own heart without any prompting at all.  Who could forget the spontaneous moment at AT&T park where he gave a Dodgers fan his cleats and his jersey and some other goodies.   Incredible!

It doesn't happen often in sports, cherish these moments.

It's too bad Kempsie isn't hitting much for home runs *this* season.   He got the one, but how many home runs would he really hit between now and then?  Five?  That's still not bad, but doesn't say much about his HR totals so far.

Grizzlies... a lot of people are counting on you to make something of your first ever West Finals appearance. Don't blow it!   I spoke very highly of the Spurs yesterday, but while true, I would expect the Grizzles to at least put up a fight.  Let's *go*, let's go!

I am determined to complete the fifth star in SongPop for "Classic Rock."  It looks so close, yet so far.  I will not rest until I get it.   Classic Rock gets really repetitive after a while anyway... I gotta get this over with!

I think that's all I got.   Have a good one America!

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