Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: May 8th

Stupid Canucks...

What else is there to say?   When you get swept in the playoffs, there's really no where else to go.   What a fantastic joke.  I hope the whole team gets decimated.  That franchise has no idea what it's doing.  Blow it all up.   They need to get some character on that team.   It's a woeful underperforming organization.

They made the *Sharks* look good!  That's all you need to know!!

I don't bet.  It's well documented why I don't bet on anything.  Any time I try to bet on anything with sports it fails.  Remember when I went to Las Vegas and bet on four games and blew all four or them?!  One of them was a major upset (Stanford over Oregon).   It's just not safe.

Kings tonight.  I think the Blues still have control of this series, but I'm just glad to know this won't be the final Kings game of the year.   Hoping for the best but expecting the worst, are they going to drop the bomb or not?

Forever young, I want to be forever young.

Do you really want to live forever, forever, forever young..?

I just quoted some lines from Alphaville's "Forever Young."  It's a really cheesy song, not very well written.  When you repeat the same word three times in a row, there's not much there, but what can you do?  It was a big hit at proms apparently.

Whole lot of pressure today to eat that kebab for dinner... can the good luck karma of the chicken kebab carry over to Game 5?  Let's watch and see...

Souplantation was just awesome last night.  I felt like some readers may have taken my recent comments on Coach and unfairly labeled him an ornery guy.  Not true... while he did get unnerved about fights in the NHL and other sports, he's a pretty jolly dude normally.  We extolled the virtues of Katy Perry last night over salad and soup.  Good times.

You wouldn't believe how good the southwest pasta salad is at Souplantation.  Brownie bites too, and the biggest surprise of all, slices of sourdough bread to go with the whipped butter.  It took me by surprise, and it was tremendous.

This blog entry is off to a good start.  I'm going to pause here and write the next paragraph next Thursday.

...I am not actually going to do that.   Now, who in their right minds thinks such a move would be a good idea?  It would ruin the momentum of the blog post.  People might even forget the whole thing and move to other blog feeds.   Who would want to lose market share like that?

I still can't believe a dunk only equals two points!  Boy the things you learn from the NBA playoffs.

Couldn't believe how quickly this week went.   Can you believe it?

I'm a happy clam though, because soon it will be Mother's Day.  I love my Mom.  I'm always so happy to see her.  She's so nice.   I wish I could be young again and just play with my toys and not have to worry about anything.  Days like that will never come again.  Sigh.

I'm a tired clam too.  I hope to catch up on rest soon enough.  Been a busy week at work, but rewarding.

I think that's all for now.   Check out yesterday's podcast if you can at .  We spoke about the Sharks impending upset of Vancouver, had on A Couple Quickies, then Mawquis, and the usual Random Questions with Kevin on the Cape.  It's a fun listen.  Catch you all tomorrow.

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